Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Very Subtle Smile



  1. Very pretty. Very young. No facial piercings or facial body ink.

  2. Great to be a guy. Foxes, Babes, and Dames of all kinds. Interesting creatures, infinite kinds of beauty, endless forms of sensuality.

  3. Lea Seydoux - Bond girl, arguably pretty but personally I'm not much of a fan...

  4. could it be she's weaving the first strands of a tangled web?

  5. If you slap that face properly she'll like it.
    humphrey bogart

  6. The very slight angling upward of the corner of her mouth revealed the fleeting thought. For that one brief moment she recalled the delight in conjuring her avenue to freedom.

    Not that he would have seen it. Oh, in his many ways he brought to her surety and content. Yet all wiped away by his incessant silliness. Why did he have to be so stupid, so damned goofy.

    She knew she had to kill him. It was the perfect kiss, she decided. Yes, the kiss. How many hours she had spent planning his demise. Fruitless toil. For the answer, the one true method, had been before her all this time.

    Her lip curled again. How delightful this perfect crime. He especially loved it when it was she who originated a kiss. She knew this would be his last. A long, tortuous kiss denying the want of a breath. She smiled, subtlety.