Monday, October 31, 2016

Alas, one of the world's greatest bits of free entertainment is coming to an end - KLM has decided not to fly it's giant 747 into the airport at St. Maartens.

Flying an enormous jet within feet of the heads of beachgoers is always a thrill.


And I'll bet that creek is full of 6" brookies, the perfect size.

For those of you not around for the first Clinton administration, this is an example of the sort of ridiculous gossip that follows them wherever they go

Danney Williams, the man from Little Rock, Arkansas, who has claimed since the 1990s to be the black illegitimate son of former President Bill Clinton, will hold a press conference Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to make an announcement his supporters characterize as a “bombshell that will rock Hillary’s campaign.”

Whether he is or not is immaterial.  Little Danney will dog the Clintons around for the rest of their lives, looking for money and attention, and if Hillary is elected, we will hear all about it ad nauseam for at least the next four years from a press that is always looking for content and click bait.

Reason enough right there to vote for Jill Stein.

I'm going for my second cup right now.

The preference cascade begins...

According to former Jimmy Carter pollster Pat Caddell, Hillary Clinton is hemorrhaging support as a result of the FBI announcement and we could see a repeat of the 1980 election when anti-establishment candidate Ronald Reagan won in a landslide.

Caddell drew comparisons to the 1980 presidential race, which was close right up until the final days before the electorate abandoned Carter and rallied around the anti-establishment candidate, leading to Reagan taking victory in a landslide.
Caddell noted that Carter’s entire campaign had been built around portraying Reagan as unqualified and “dangerous,” in a similar vein to how Clinton has demonized Trump.
Caddell explained that the polling between Reagan and Carter was close up until the final weekend when “the dam broke” and Reagan shot ahead by ten points.
Caddell noted that since Friday, large numbers of voters had been structurally “moving against the status quo – the incumbent who is essentially Hillary Clinton.”
If it were me that was the "status quo," I'd hate to be associated with Hillary, especially if she loses and without the protection of her minions at the Department of Justice, the proverbial dam breaks on all her corruption. 
Definition of a preference cascade:
In short, average people behave the way they think they ought to, even 
though that behavior might not reflect their own personal feelings.  
Given a sufficient "A-HA!" moment when they discover that their personal
 feelings are shared by a large portion of the population their behavior
 may change dramatically.  An example of this is the British colonists 
before and after publication of Thomas Paine's Common Sense.  A 
year before the Declaration of Independence, America was full of 
patriotic British convinced that things could be worked out with King 
George, but on July 4, 1776 the colonies were full of Americans 
determined that they needed independence.  

Mondays, they're like that

Sunday, October 30, 2016

VMF-112 ‘Wolfpack’ Pilot Lt. Jimmy Johnson, Guadalcanal, 1943, points at damage to his rudder.

Somebody took a big bite.  The A-10 isn't the only American plane that can take some serious battle damage.

Transportation the bow of the British submarine to the place of final Assembly

Kiowa men, 1892

Serious Storm/Natural Disaster Prep

One bad ass lantern.   

Classic ride

Chicago paper calls for Hillary to withdraw

But there is in fact a clear and popular alternative to her sliminess, comrade!


This just looks dangerous.

The flaps popping out is downright Star Wars.

Red Lake, just east of Carson Pass, from last year

Cabin Porn

Seems so, but why that particular style? Because it's colorless and soulless.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

My, that's sharp

Around the house

Rascal the dog is always curious

Meanwhile, I stashed away some ammo I got last week ( or, as they'll call it in the burning times: money).  If I take the boys (really, young men) up to the hills with the Mossberg lever action in 30-30, they can shoot me out in one day. 

 Which I like.  

Always good to pick up some more.

A youth burning Dad out of 30-30 ammo with the Mossberg.  

Plus, 30-30 ammo just looks right to me, like a rifle round should.  But then again, I'm a traditionalist that way.

My current read

Don't go in the water.

Photography by @ (Christopher Whittier).Sperm whales’ long, thin, toothed jaws seem misplaced on their hulking bodies. This view looks out from a whale’s mouth to highlight their odd anatomy. But, as we all know, whales belong in the ocean, not on a beach.  This sperm whale was spotted on a remote beach in Point Reyes National Seashore, and a post-mortem exam found a belly full of fishing nets, which had at least contributed to, if not caused its death. A sad ending in a beautiful place for a truly amazing creature.

This moose is not interested in sharing his apple tree.

It's all in the perspective

Why Steve Jobs and Apple made it big

A truly astounding contrast between clear, far vision and total blindness.

Froggies don't do so well in zero G environments

Freckles, they are good

Straw hats, summer dresses and devilish smiles are good too.

Velodog Revolver - Made in Belgium about 1900 for cyclists to shoot biting dogs

5,75mm Velodog five-round cylinder, double action, folding trigger, no loading gate but a sliding cylinder axle.
It’s somewhat uncommon to find a Velodog with an exposed hammer, as these guns were used as pocket revolvers by cyclist to fend off various toothy animals and as such were built not to snag on anything.

Woo-Hoo! It's Saturday!

Slow Joe Biden learns for the first time that the emails came from Carlos Danger

"Oh God, I shouldn't comment, but I'm not a big fan..."

"Now, where's that bowl of warm paste I was promised for lunch?"

I may have made up that second quote.

Friday, October 28, 2016

I hope that NYPost headline is real

Hillary is impressed.

I'm sure the Saturday Night Live people are frantically re writing their cold open skit as we speak.

There's just too much good humor in today's current events

Hillary's people have gotten to Comey. Now he says there's nothing to the emails



The Strange Story of Why Belize is Full of Chicago Cubs Fans

The story began, appropriately enough, with a pirated Chicago television station.

In the early ‘80s, there were no television stations in Belize, the only country in Central America whose official language is English. 

In 1981, however, Belize City business couple Arthur and Marie Hoare began transmitting the famous Chicago television channel WGN-TV via satellite, bringing programming to Belize. Channel 9, the Hoares' bootlegged Belize affiliate of WGN, brought Cubs and Bulls games into living rooms and bars throughout the country, sparking an interest in Chicago sports that has continued—with varying levels of enthusiasm—to this day.

Other factors helped solidify the connection. There was (and still is) a large community of Belizeans in Chicago. [They] started going to Cubs games and holding up signs like 'Hello, Belize!

Belize City, Cubs fan base in far away Central America.

Latest picture of Hillary released.

A nice little girl

Who could have believed what happened later?

Life in the fast lane can take its toll

I'm getting paranoid

And the latest current events aren't helping ;-).

Pardon me, but I'm going to buy some ammo now....

Rule Britannia!

CDR Salamander is offering some pithy commentary on the foolishness of the political and social trend of keeping people in adolescence as long as possible.

In the process, he offers this amazing example of what happens when age is not considered a handicap.

Let's look at James Lucas Yeo, born 1782;
...he joined the Royal Navy in March 1793 as a boy volunteer. ... as a midshipman at the age of 10.

In 1797, he was promoted lieutenant, and assigned to the HMS La Loire... He first saw action as a lieutenant aboard a brig in the Adriatic Sea. 
Look at your calendar. He was promoted to lieutenant at age 15 and was already in combat.
He distinguished himself during the siege of Cesenatico in 1800.
At age 18. This was not a one-off performance. Remember, he was leading men more than twice his age in ship's company, most likely.
While off the Spanish coast, he was sent to capture the Spanish vessels in the port of El Muros. Storming the fort, he succeeded in bringing out of the port every vessel, armed and unarmed. For this achievement, he was made commander, and given the HMS Confiance, one of the vessels he had taken. 
When did he do this? 1805. Age 22.
Yeo participated in several sea battles during the Napoleonic Wars so successfully that he was made a captain on December 19, 1807, by which time he had already been recognized as an intrepid practitioner of unconventional sea warfare.
Age? 24.
In 1809, he captured Cayenne, in conjunction with the Portuguese, and was in consequence made post-captain.
Age 26.

Can this election get any wilder? FBI reopens its investigation of Hillary Clinton given the newly released emails.

Comey might be trying to rehabilitate his seriously damaged reputation.

As well he should.  As the press states, even if Hillary is elected, she will be immediately embroiled in a long and dangerous scandal.   Distracting to say the least, but maybe that could be a good thing.

Be sure you are securely strapped in, this rollercoaster is losing its brakes at the top of the ride.

Failing the Moose Test

In Swedish, but there is one English word that he uses in a way that any Anglo-Saxon would recognize.  Very humorous.

Rockfall in Yosemite

Probably came up the Volga in a longship from Miklagård

 The extreme nature of the ornamentation on this sword, combined with the unusual (for Scandinavia) motifs coupled with the apparent lack of a fuller (lenticular, 'grooveless' sword blades being a common hallmark of swords from Constantinople) may indicate that this sword was manufactured in Byzantium and may have belonged to a Varangian Guardsman or may have been gifted to a Nordic person held in esteem by the Romans. For a similar example of slightly different form but with very similar decoration see:

With double-edged blade of gradual taper; inlaid on both sides in gold and silver with decorative patterns, one side bearing a gradually tapering geometric-architectural design in five stages and the other bearing a gradually tapering palmette design. The hilt comprising down-curved cross guard, sturdy tang and five-lobed pommel riveted to the upward-curving upper guard; the cross-guard, upper guard and pommel all inlaid in silver with decorative knotwork and tracery and in gold with dots. 

Overall length: 94 cm (37"); Blade length: 80.6 cm (31.75")

This rare Viking sword, the hilt of Petersen Type O, has a cross-guard with decorative devices reminiscent of those on one of the three swords that were found in the rich ship burial of about 900 at Hedeby in Denmark when it was subsequently excavated in the 1950s. More of these ‘rabbit ear’ or ‘knotted rope’ characters may be found on three of the ‘Hiltipreht’ group of swords, namely one in the Wallace Collection, London (Inv. No. A456), the Ballinderry sword in the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin (Inv. No.1928.382) and the example from Malhus in the Trondheim Museum, Norway (Petersen, Abb.89). 

Too close to true for comfort


Friday Open Road