Wednesday, March 31, 2021

NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover is about to drop a drone on Mars - Ingenuity helicopter will be the first flying machine on another planet and carries a piece of the Wright Flyer from 1903.


A trip to Chico's newest distillery -- Golden Beaver

I had the day off for  Caesar Chavez Day, so Mrs. CW took the day off her work too, and off we went in the orange car.

The destination was Golden Beaver distillery, newly opened in the little valley berg of Chico, and a fine hour and a half drive down valley.

A nice lineup of product.

Super clean.

Weird still for making moonshine.

Lots of shiny copper.

Moonshine made from rice (a big ag product hereabouts).

Patriotism and small business go together.

Tasted them all, then over to a local Indian restaurant for a fun dinner meet up with Gerard from American Digest.  Thanks Caesar for the day off and thanks Gerard for meeting on short notice!!

Pepto-Bismal Well Blowout?


Rome’s Imperial Port - Now vs. Then


View a bit further out



CW, the early years




Serious pedalology


Before fly/drive by wire, there was this


Approved by Thor


Vaughn Blacksmith's Hammer

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

A B-2 of the 11th Bomb Squadron at Mines Field, California, during the 1933 National Air Races


Jeff Bridges, John Goodman And Steve Buscemi Talk ‘The Big Lebowski’

Weird AI Mimicry


Not sure what's going on here, but....


Everyone likes a challenge


Gorgeous Duo


Design Lunacy


Meanwhile, in Russia....


Wield the Elements Like a God


                                                                     Hell's Forge Max Propane Forge

Twitchy High Tech Military Machines


Nicely Done


It's only Tuesday -- Can't even see the weekend from here.


The 2 year old Dalai Lama, 1937


Riskiest Selfie Ever | World's Riskiest Selfie Girl | Angela Nikolau -... Recognize anyone, Bogside?

Monday, March 29, 2021

A7V toppled over during the Hundred Days Offensive, 1918.


Not a Snowflake. Crazy, but not a Snowflake.


Marilyn Monroe with her half sister (left) and mother (centre). Marilyn’s sister Berniece is still alive and turns 102 years old this July.


That steering....


An F5L prepares to take off in support of naval gunfire practice, 15 March 1921. In the background are USS Florida (BB-30) and USS Oklahoma (BB-37)


Captain Walter “Waddy” Young and his crew pose in front of their caricatures on their B-29 Superfortress , November 24, 1944.




It's a trend


Viking Goddess


Doing it right


Go Viking or don't go at all


Not a Snowflake







Well, there goes the suspension....


Mondays, they're like that