Saturday, March 27, 2021

Bitcoin price reaching $182,000 would probably make Satoshi Nakamoto the richest person on the planet.

 If there really is a Satoshi Nakamoto -- no one really knows.

As of March 2021, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the richest person on earth with a net worth of $181.6 billion.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is a close second at $163.7 billion, owning more than 20% of the electric car maker.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, released the Bitcoin whitepaper in October 2008 under a public MIT license.

On Jan. 3, 2009, Bitcoin's first block, known as the "genesis block," was mined. This marked the launch of the Bitcoin network, which kickstarted the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement. 

Albeit the exact figures remain unclear, from January to July 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto is estimated to have mined over 1 million BTC. This means that at current Bitcoin prices, it is estimated that Satoshi Nakamoto is worth roughly $54 billion. 


  1. Bernie Madoff is pi..ed off: he went to prison for doing a similar thing. He should have given his crime a fancy name.

  2. Worth 54 Billion and he really just made it up out of thin air. Literally.Bitcoin is only worth what someone is willing to pay for what? An intangible with no real worth or value. There were a bunch of suckers born that day.

    1. Yet we are supposed to believe that the fiat currency we use has any more value? There is nothing to back it up and is being "devalued" every day by the mass printing of more of it.
      When we got pulled off of the gold standard, we were all made into suckers.

      Whitehall, NY

  3. My brother got into it, it's real.....not a huge holder but he's partially cashed out a number of times....I'm personally doubtful it'll reach values predicted, but who knows, it's value can rise or fall overnight 10k...

  4. Have a programmer acquaintence who invested early in Bitcoin. During 2019 sold off some then quit his job with a High Tech company and paid off his home so he is now free and clear. Worked for him.

    Dan Kurt