Friday, December 31, 2021

Keep her away from Captain Kirk


Reminds me of the wild antlers on the now extinct Irish Elk.


Scythian stag, c 5th Century BC. Leather antlers, wooden body, originally covered in gold leaf. Originally top of headdress, found in a burial chamber in the Altai mountains. 

Raymond McElroy and his assistant Charlie Coyle were out fishing in Ireland when they pulled up a massive 10,500-year-old extinct Irish elk skull.

Black Lab, Cat Version


But sometimes, being the unstoppable force is more important than speed.


In Roman warfare, the testudo was a shield wall formation commonly used during battles, particularly sieges and was used to protect the soldiers from all types of missile attacks. The primary drawback to the formation was that because of its density, the men were required to move in close quarter unison which greatly sacrificed speed on the battlefield. 


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Friday Daydreamer


Snow Load


Now that's a sea full of fish!


The High and Mighty


Osprey have some serious fish grabbers


Only room for one


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Friday Open Road


This is silly, but it does solve an annoying problem. I just might need to do some scientific experiments and see if they work :-)


Thursday, December 30, 2021

Heavy snowfall in Egypt last night...


Actually, these pyramid-shaped structures are located in the Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica, which is a mountain range more than 400 km long

A wild radial airplane engine

Thanks, Stuart! 

A river monster out of Hells Canyon, Idaho.


Ferryboat Kalakala, Seattle, 1941


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Freckles, they are good.


Todd Skinner working his way up on War and Poetry, Greenland.


Your Pensive Face of the Morning


I'd spend 10 cents to read that


Lesson Learned, Maybe...


Better have a calm horse for this trick


A Useful Tool


                                                                   Bosch Cordless Circular Saw.

The Sidekick


He stuck the landing