Tuesday, January 31, 2017

19 year old Ursula Andress out on a date with 24 year old boyfriend James Dean on August 19, 1955.

Freckles, they are good

Boston Dynamics shows their wheeled and four legged robots. Impressive.

Dog frozen in wood

Help me....

Signatures of all 45 presidents.

Someone who will never ever be president.  Almost as good looking as an antarctic scale worm - almost.

I'm really not sure I should post this. It's a giant scale worm from the deep sea near antarctica, and it's horrific.

Don't click through if you are squeamish in any way, or prone to horrible nightmares, cause that's what this critter is - a horrible nightmare - and it's real.

Don't. Do. It.

You've been warned.  Not kidding.  What is once seen cannot be unseen.

Body Marbling. Looking forward to testing this at the next local county fair.

Valentine's Day is February 14th

This seems over the top, but then again....

Guaranteed to annoy your liberal buddies

Very unusual "Lava Firehose" occurs in Hawaii after sudden delta collapse on the coast.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Spotted Elk, Hehaka Gleska (c1847-1908). Oglala.

Totally cool

Yellow plane over an impenetrable forest

Land before time.

Great color around a dog

Great color in a dog

The longboat is ready, Ragnar! Load the Vikings!

Both ironic and pretty darn funny. Your public servants at work, for you!

In an amusing twist on the "fiat vs digital" money debate, a former Federal Reserve employee who tried to fuse the two, was sentenced to 12 months’ probation and fined $5,000 for installing unauthorized software on a Fed server to connect with a bitcoin network, the Office of the Fed's Inspector General said.
According to the WSJ, Nicholas Berthaume, who worked as a network systems communications analyst at the Fed board in Washington, installed software so he could connect to an online bitcoin network to earn bitcoins, i.e. bitcoin mining, the Fed’s inspector general said. The software was in place from about March 2012 to June 2014, according to a court document. It was not clear how many thousands of a bitcoin he managed to earn this way.  
“Berthaume installed unauthorized software on a Board server to connect to an online bitcoin network in order to earn bitcoins. Bitcoins are earned as compensation when users allow their systems’ computing power to be part of the structure that processes, verifies, and records bitcoin transactions."

Newt Gingrich: The left should be scared to death after Trump's first week

I've personally never seen a president get so much done in seven days.  Credit to President Obama, who tried to govern by executive fiat, all of which are easily overturned, but still.  The establishment's ox is being more than gored, it's getting drawn and quartered.

The president is doing exactly what he has said he would do for the last two years on the campaign – immediately get to work focusing on jobs, immigration and shrinking government. And guess what: He’s going to continue.
Yes he will continue.  And it's likely that he can get congress to help him, which is critical after the easy stuff is taken care of.
President Trump’s order to end Obama’s utterly irrational ban on the Keystone XL Pipeline could mean 20,000 jobs that were going to China could instead come here and provide Houston with 30 to 40 years of work. Completing Keystone, and the Dakota Access Pipeline, will make us less dependent on the Middle East for our energy and create jobs in our energy sector.
Reagan started the first great effort to break out of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt model of American government that has engorged the Washington elite and left the rest of the country flailing.
The second effort was the Contract with America in 1994.
President Trump is leading the third – and hopefully ultimate – charge to steer our country in a bold new direction that is guided by the will of the people.

This guy must own an ammo store

That's one impressive stash.  House better not catch on fire...

Nautical goodness

Calexit will never happen constitutionally, but a division of the state is a far better idea.

This map accurately shows California's political division.  The green areas are where the liberals live, the white areas are more or less staunchly conservative.

Make the state of Jefferson out of the the white areas, get maybe 20 of California's electoral votes, and let green part rot in their stew of illegals, taxes, gender confusion, and self righteousness.

There's grass roots support already.

Near Yreka at the side of I-5.

4D chess

Follow the link to see why.

Then laugh.  The battleground has changed forever.  We're using gunpowder.  The opposition is using bows and arrows.

Mondays, they're like that

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Saab Draken

Wear and tear on the Curiosity Mars Rover's wheel

They never thought it would function so long, so they didn't think they needed to make the wheel all that durable.

Trump's president a week and already Chuck you Schumer is in tears.

Sunday at a press conference, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) fought back tears as he vowed to do everything he can to “overturn” President Donald Trump’s executive order that halted immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries into the United States.

He added, “It must be reversed immediately. Senate Democrats are going to introduce legislation to overturn this and move it as quickly as we can.”

Sorry Chuck, you don't have the votes anymore.  Did you "fight back tears" after a Muslim, in the name of his religion,  killed your people in San Bernardino?  Florida?  Boston?  Cry me a river, hypocrite.

Old Swedish bi-plane, on ice

Flying above Alaskan glaciers

Little Blue Penguins

The Little Penguin is the smallest and perhaps the cutest species of penguin in the world.  It grows to an average of 33 cm (13 in) in height and 43 cm (17 in) in length, though specific measurements vary by subspecies.  It is found on the coastlines of southern Australia and New Zealand, with possible records from Chile. In Australia, they are often called fairy penguins because of their small size. In New Zealand, they are more commonly known as little blue penguins or blue penguins owing to their slate-blue plumage. They are also known by their Māori name: kororā.

South of PerthWestern Australia, visitors to Penguin Island are able to view penguins in a natural environment. Less than one hour from the centre of the city, it is possible to see little penguins in all months, including visiting sensitive areas where they remain on land for extended periods for the purposes of moulting.
At Phillip Island, Victoria, a viewing area has been established at the Phillip Island Nature Park to allow visitors to view the nightly "penguin parade". Lights and concrete stands have been erected to allow visitors to see but not photograph or film the birds (this is because it can blind or scare them) interacting in their colony.
In Otago, New Zealand town of Oamaru, where visitors may view the birds returning to their colony at dusk.  In Oamaru it is not uncommon for penguins to nest within the cellars and foundations of local shorefront properties, especially in the old historic precinct of the town. More recently, little penguin viewing facilities have been established at Pilots BeachOtago Peninsula and Dunedin in New Zealand. Here visitors are guided by volunteer wardens to watch penguins returning to their burrows at dusk.
Visitors to Kangaroo IslandSouth Australia, have nightly opportunities to observe penguins at the Kangaroo Island Marine Centre in Kingscote and at the Penneshaw Penguin Centre.  Granite Island at Victor HarborSouth Australia continues to offer guided tours at dusk, despite its colony dropping from thousands in the 1990s to dozens in 2014.  There is also a Penguin Centre located on the island where the penguins can be viewed in captivity.
In BichenoTasmania, evening penguin viewing tours are offered by a local tour operator at a rookery on private land.
                                          Feeding time for the little blues at the Melbourne Zoo


A few words on the so called "Muslim Ban," and why we might want to limit their numbers.

First, this is Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim nation by population.  None of them are effected by the "ban."  Neither is anyone from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey or several other semi civilized countries.

Want to have Muslims in your neighborhood?   Want to work hard, pay taxes and see your money spent on the people who's ideology destroyed their own countries, and who now want to live in your land?  Gee, how about no.

In few words, cause it doesn't take very many, Don Surber eviscerates the media on their immigration hysteria

As they say, go read it all, it's a tour de force.

The (New York Times) editorial said: "The order’s language makes clear that the xenophobia and Islamophobia that permeated Mr. Trump’s campaign are to stain his presidency as well. Un-American as they are, they are now American policy."

Was President Obama un-American. xenophobic and Islamophobic when he issued the same order on Iraq only in 2011?

Did the media even notice that Obama ended a 50-plus year policy of accepting Cuban refugees?

Where are the editorials in the New York Times decrying Obama's xenophobia?

USA Today did the usual journalist-as-social-justice-warrior schtick of elevating liberal advocates as experts:

Experts question legality of Trump's immigration ban on Muslim countries
This is a legal and unfortunately necessary action. These are not experts. They are liars with law degrees.

We know this is legal because President Trump is doing what his predecessor did.

Years ago, Congress gave the president the power to do this.

On November 8, voters elected the candidate who saw the threat to our security as coming from Iran -- not Cuba.

Cabin Porn


Freckles, they are good

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