Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Ted Cruz shows how it's done.

Instead of being a good sport about it, the Deadspin folks got all huffy, and increased the ownage to epic proportions

The internet, shaming slow thinkers since 1999.


  1. Sorry, At 74 and someone who does not know how to text, tweet or FaceBook I don't get it. Please be kind and explain this in 1955 language.

    1. Ok, Deadspin was fishing for pictures of Ted Cruz playing basketball from their twitter followers, probably hoping to get ones that were unflattering.
      Out of the blue, Cruz responded with a picture of a guy that weirdly looks just like him playing basketball. It's a light hearted mildly funny response.
      Deadspin should have responded by saying something like, "hey Ted, that's not you - no prize but good try!" In other words, be a sport.
      Instead, they went to eleventy!! and told Ted to eat shit. Ted responded to this uncalled for vulgarity with a gif of somebody saying, "That escalated quickly!" still with good humor.
      Then, other people began commenting on how out of proportion the Deadspin response was, and pointing out that Ted so very easily sent them off the deep end - he owned them!

    2. Then, the chick that told Ted to eat shit, and who now saw all the tweets calling Deadspin out on their rudeness, and pointing out how adult Ted was compared to their response, claimed that she wasn't owned, in spite of the fact that she clearly was. That's called continuing to dig when you find yourself in a hole. This continued refusal to see the obvious from a person rumored to be an adult set off even more twitter responses calling them out. Apparently, someone has gone to Deadspin's Wiki page and re written it, noting that the company is owned by "Ted Cruz." Hilarious.

    3. The moral of the story: Don't run with scissors, play with fire, pull on Superman's cape, or mess around on social media unless you are up to the challenge.

  2. And never take yourself too seriously.

  3. Cruz cut 'em off at the knees, all right! What a spectacle Deadspin made of themselves! LOL