Sunday, January 29, 2017

A few words on the so called "Muslim Ban," and why we might want to limit their numbers.

First, this is Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim nation by population.  None of them are effected by the "ban."  Neither is anyone from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey or several other semi civilized countries.

Want to have Muslims in your neighborhood?   Want to work hard, pay taxes and see your money spent on the people who's ideology destroyed their own countries, and who now want to live in your land?  Gee, how about no.


  1. Those protesters will gladly spend MY MONEY on refugees. It's now become my job to prevent idiots like those leftists from doing so. I will not stand for it.

  2. Population of Indonesia: around 254 million. Population of Australia: 24.5 Million. Fun fact: a lot of people from the Middle East go through Indonesia to try to get to Australia, though they are in no danger while in Indonesia.

    It still amazes me that Australia has so many idiots who think limiting the "immigrants" from the North is a bad idea, and Australia should be more "compassionate" to those poor muslims "who just want a better life." Thank God, more rational immigration laws are currently enacted- but the Left is always trying to remove them.

    It's a pity they can't all go to Canada, where the silly boy Prime Minister Trudeau says he wants them. Of course, we'll have to build a wall there, too!