Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cabin at East Arm of Frances Lake, Yukon, Canada

I can drive to The Yukon.


  1. Canadians don't want you to own guns. I just don't get it, but they don't.

  2. They're funny about a lot of things. Some national, some provincial. In New Brunswick the hunting guides are not permitted to carry guns. That can get a bit dicey when you're tracking a wounded bear. They tend to be just a bit irritable. One year that I was up there I went out with one of the guides from the lodge and his client to help track one. Since I had already gotten one I wasn't allowed to carry a gun either. More than once when I was taking point I was thinking to myself that I was nuts doing this. The only weapon that I had was a folding Buck Lite knife and I don't think that it would be much use in a face to face with a pissed off bruin. Luckily it didn't come to that. Come to think of it the client didn't have a rifle either. She was hunting with a compound bow................

  3. Canadians have guns, just not as many guns. I know several people with guns.

    What we do have is ketchup flavoured chips and polymer currency that doesn't rip and comes in pretty colours. We also add a 'u' in words like flavour and colour. We're nuts.

    1. I know Canadians who own rifles too, but the rules are a bit insane for people who live in bear country.

  4. What Canada also has is Alpine Beer which is only sold in the Maritime Provinces. President Trump needs to make a trade deal to import this into the US.....................