Friday, January 27, 2017

Protestors Try To Burn The American Flag In Iowa City, Hero FedEx Dude Saves The Day

FedEx is getting all of my business now.

And note that the flag saving hero is working, while the flag burners apparently are unemployed.

Pansy ass protesters don't realize the times have changed, and their self centered little tantrums aren't going to be tolerated if they include burning the symbol of our beliefs and country.  Free speech?  Kicking their ass as they try to flag burn is free speech too.

I'll bet that FedEx guy is ex military.  He ain't afraid of no protesters.


  1. In a world of freaks and misfits, one man makes a stand. That's how it always seems to be. (one riot, one ranger)

  2. Dollars to donuts, Fed ex fires the guy

    1. Certainly they would have a year ago. If they do it now, I'd bet they'd get a ton of negative pushback.

      Thank God for Donald Trump.