Wednesday, January 25, 2017

California's stormy winter sets snowfall record for Mammoth resorts — over 20 feet in one month

My response: More! Snow more!

That's probably just the drought talking.

Recently I was talking with a buddy who works in the water storage business, and he told me that the snow in the mountains is both deep and wet, with a high water content. He said if we get another warm Pineapple Express, that rains heavily and melts the snow at the same time, there will be serious problems.  Let's hope it all melts off evenly this spring, and fills every reservoir in the state to the brim with sparkling, clean, ice cold water.

At Kirkwood Ski Resort near me, the base is almost 12 feet deep, and for the season, they've had a total fall of nearly 32.5 feet of sweet snow.


  1. I wonder if the State of California will ever be wise enough to build sufficient infrastructure to capture and store the water run-off rather than allowing it to flow into the ocean. Everyone in State government HOWLS water shortage but where is the flurry of damn construction?

  2. I remember when I was in junior high, let's say in the late 60's, that snowplows were a serious danger to cars parked up and around the Ski Resorts. In Dodge Meadows in a case comes to mind. The snow was so deep that they'd cover the cars parked alongside the road past the roof. I remember the story in the paper about the big rotary plow that had ate the ass-end off of a Volkswagen before he realized there was something there. Good times....

    1. "...ate the ass end off a Volkswagen..." I'd pay good money to see that.