Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to say something true, but still imply something sinister.

Forbes shouts:

America's 10 Richest Gain $16 Billion During Trump's First Week

But their new wealth comes from the stock market.  Guess what, Joe 401k also saw a similar rise, and since there is enormous money in the middle class' 401k, that figure is far higher, if you take everyone together.  Kinda like Forbes, who arbitrarily gathered the 10 richest and pointed out how they are doing better, while remaining silent on how the vast majority of the middle class is doing better as well.

A rising tide lifts all boats.


  1. We will ALL be better off during a Trump presidency. There may be a few illegal aliens who feel uneasy, but they can just go home, can't they?

    1. Yes they can, and they can take all the money they made working here with them, subject, of course, to Trump's tax on it.