Saturday, August 31, 2019

That's one wild bronco

Making the best of a bad situation

Trigger discipline here is wanting

A Pakistani female commando stands guard as the Sikh pilgrims arrive at Wagah railway station .


Shave of the Day

Whipped up some creamy, slick lather, filling the badger.

Smear and sweep all that lux lather on the ugly mug.

Three slow, careful, Saturday morning style passes with an insanely sharp straight razor.  

The ol' hide feels nice and smooth, and smells decent as well. 

Somewhere on the Faroe Islands

The Art of Speed

Surrounded by nibblers

45-70. When you absolutely, positively need to blow a big hole in someone,

The Viking Daughter just sent these pictures from Iceland. Reykjavik.

A nice spangle of freckles, and a world class, heart stealing smile.

My plan today

Love the color of that pup's fur

Made in Rockford, Illinois

My oh my, Hong Kong, Tibet, the Uighurs, threats against Taiwan, the South China Sea island grab - you'd think the Red Chinese were totalitarian oppressors or something


Cabin (or cottage) Porn

This should be my daily commuter


I just woke up during a dream that I had been transferred to Juneau, Alaska.

And I was going there on a train.  I guess I'd better find out more about my new dream home.  Is it a sign?

Friday, August 30, 2019

Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus.

Wait, who snuck General Mattis in there (WDS?)

Khor Virap, a monastery in Armenia

Gergeti Trinity Church, Georgia

Time lapse of Dorian - lots or energy being released

A random selfie happened when the tail gunner Art Krieger photographed a B-24 from his squadron.

Motor Porn

I'll take them all

Deep Blue


She looks like a handful

Colorful and Slippery

This is an excellent, if concerning, historical perspective on the present state of our deep swamp government.

It's a good sign that some people are at least somewhat aware of the rot, and what really needs to be done to fix it.  Trump, for all his faults, is likely the best choice right now to push the leviathan government in the right direction.

  ....then I remembered something from an article on the fall of the Roman Empire. And one of the key points from both that article and Bill Whittle’s videos on the cycles of civilizations was that the average Roman was ready to fight and die to protect Rome while the “silk robed sons of bitches” plotted to open the gates for the barbarians to come through.

Even then, however, had Rome maintained its full moral strength and commitment from its people from its heyday, I suspect Rome could have driven them back. But by that time not only had the leaders given up, but the average Roman had become so disillusioned with the corruption – ethical, moral, spiritual, and financial – riddling it from top down, they shrugged and said WHY BOTHER? And so Rome dissolved into fighting factions, and chaos reigned.
Today we see the corruption – ethical, moral, spiritual, and financial – in the fetid swamp of Washington, DC (the irony of that city being named after one of the absolute best of us is physically painful to me), but also in most state capitals (and even further down – I was just listening to a local talk show discussing the state police milking the public)… and it feels like a lot of people are starting to think WHY BOTHER? 

She likes you

I ate a lot of Mountain House beef stroganoff during my backpacking years. I'll power the engines.

TFW you realize it's Friday before a long weekend.

This should be my daily commuter

In California, you always want what you can't have. Thanks, Demorats!

CZ Scorpion

The last they saw of Jonah, he was paddling off on his board.

Friday Open Road