Friday, August 30, 2019

How much you wanna bet Trump talked about nuking the hurricane around her on purpose


  1. I have a theory about this. There is an old technique in spycraft where
    you tell 10 people 10 different things, and wait and see what story is
    leaked. This news came a few days after a leak about President Trump
    wanting to use nukes to take out hurricanes. This is so patently absurd
    that only someone who wanted it to be true would have swallowed it!

    If these two stories are connected, it proves that they deep state swamp
    rats are too gullible to be anywhere near the government, let alone in
    powerful positions.

    1. It's called The Canary Trap.
      You give something(s) too good to pass up, and see which canary sings.

      It's been used for counter-espionage successfully back to WWII, AFAIK.