Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Well, I need them all.

Filet them, both big and small

He stuck the landing

...and he had a blast doing it.

Good reflexes

One day I'll see this, maybe while on the Faroe Islands.

Brookies on a stick

Think of the filets, slow baked in foil, with herbs, appropriate seasonings, and some sourdough bread alongside.

Cabin Porn

Inexpensive. Throw a couple in the trunk.

Wolf pack begins killing cattle in Lassen County, California.

Wally Roney of the Roney Land and Cattle Co., believes he’s lost at five cows to the wolves, but the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has just confirmed one attack that happened on Oct. 13.
Roney’s pulling all his livestock out of Lassen County as a result of the attacks.
Roney told Sam Williams of the Plumas County News that CDFW notified him a GPS-collared female wolf of the Lassen Pack was at each of the five sites before he found the dead animals.
“They told me the exact point that wolf was at prior to the kill,” Roney told Williams.
The Lassen Pack was first sighted in June, and consists of two adults and at least three pups. It was the second pack established in the state after the Shasta Pack arrived in 2015. The first pack’s status is currently unknown.
The first wolf in California since the 1920s was OR7, who in 2011 wandered as far south as Butte County before returning to Oregon.

Trail camera picture of some of the wolves in question.  Wait until they start going for people's pets, and kids.  As with the mountain lions, locals will solve the problem using the three S method.

Skills, he has them

Holy shit, that's some holey shit.

A bomber that is certainly holier than thou. The holes are the result of splinters from an anti-aircraft rocket that exploded next to this Handley Page Halifax Mark II over Central Europe during WWII. Remarkably she was able to make it back to base in Italy.

To be able to step out of your house like this and watch the aurora borealis would be a bucket list experience.

The youngest daughter was recently in Iceland and said she saw the aurora.  Wish I could have been there.

Slow mo of a bridge being taken down

Good for the cold

You'll make it

Hillary Clinton told a crowd of people gathered for a PR appearance that she intends to ‘go as The President’ for Halloween.

"...and sitting well in order, smite the sounding furrows"

Well, that's that then.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Cheerful in a drab world

The ultimate float plane

It's predicted to rain on Friday.

I'd better clean out the fireplace and get some of this stashed in the house.

That's what I'm talking about!

Seven Spokane men on horseback probaby near a Spokane River tributary. Curtis,1910

I should get one, given that I do actually drive a Dodge truck, if not a power wagon

Might be a good read

1950 B-2-PW Dodge Power Wagon for sale, not cheap

1950 B-2-PW Dodge Power Wagon with clear and current title.
Two year complete frame off restoration completed in 2012.
Three time winner of best truck award at the California Power Wagon Rally.
Garaged and rarely driven since restoration.
Bottom to top upgrades-
  • Refurbished and re-arched leaf springs
  • 4.89 highway gears front and back.
  • New locking hubs
  • New brake lines and hoses
  • Fuel tank cleaned and lined
  • New fuel line
  • All running gear-axles,transmission,transfer case restored with new bushings and seals.
  • 5 new tires with tubes and flaps
  • Engine completely rebuilt by Hap's Machine Of Paso Robles California
  • New exhaust
Truck is all original except 12 volt conversion with alternator.
All gauges work.
Voltage reducer on fuel gauge.
Original electric wiper motors with voltage reducers mounted in A pillars.
Original seat reupholstered.
New headliner kit installed from Vintage Power Wagons
New bed boards (solid oak)
All new glass and weather stripping
Original winch restored with new seals and cable
New PPG 2 stage paint in 2011. Some small chips in expected places.

1931 Fairchild Pilgrim

Red is good

Concerning: Gold bar certified by the Royal Canadian Bank is discovered to be fake

According to CBC, the Royal Canadian Mint is investigating how a sealed, "pure gold" wafer with proper mint stampings has emerged as a fake. According to the Canadian press, the one-ounce gold piece, which was supposed to be 99.99% pure, was purchased by an Ottawa jeweller on Oct. 18 at a Royal Bank of Canada branch. The problem emerged when tests of the bar showed it may contain no gold at all.

At first, the bank refused to take it back. RBC ultimately thought better of that position, and decided they had an obligation to pick up the bar and then returned it to the mint for testing, refunding Tang the $1,680 purchase price.

If there is one fake bar, there are likely many more. William Rentz, a professor at the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management and an expert on investments and equity, says the discovery is "troubling."
"A currency counterfeiter doesn't make just one fake $50 bill," he said. "They make a whole lot of them. So I would suspect this might just be the tip of the iceberg."
That's especially true if you buy the gold at the bank itself!   Couldn't be a much better spot to buy gold than that, you would think.
Better stick with US eagles for now.

Mondays, they're like that

Tools are good

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dodge Power Wagon

A civilized ride

1961 Ferrari 250 TRI61

Sea green Jaguar

1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Concept Car

1964 Cheetah


Winter is coming - be ready

Burning off methane, and a few eyebrows, trapped by ice

Close call


A bouncy house is no place for excitement.