Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Dash Porn

Cadillac Tail

US Made

Catherine Deneuve, July 22, 1963, France. Photo by Henri Bureau

Castle Crags, Shasta County, California


Hey, what about the horse?

Maritime TP from olden times

From Bayou Renaissance Man

Name these two men, and the "firsts" for humanity they're famous for.

What is this?


Capucine by Yale Joel, 1950s

Mrs. CW and I every morning waiting to see who will crack first and make the coffee

Classic 1911

The new bribe

Cool Tool - Made in USA

Monday, March 30, 2020

Climb in and pull the door closed.

The Moon attempting a Saturn impersonation

Timelapse of Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia: stabilized on the Milky Way.

Right for the Times

Via the always good American Digest

And the tragic, poignant story behind the song.  Knowing the story, if you can get through this without streaming tears, your a better person than I.

I-153 captured by Finnish forces after a forced landing; June 1941

One big, beautiful cut

Diamond Lake, Trinity Alps.

Now that's a dinosaur!

Hard to believe such places are real - Castello di Montecchio Vesponi, Arezzo, Italy.

I bet that water is warm


How float planes takeoff on land. from r/interestingasfuck

Probably texting


Wow. Just gorgeous.

Hahaha! Planning!

He's annoyed

The Art of Speed

Mondays, they're like that

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Waaaaa! Oh hi, Wally.

Better than Bitcoin, at least for now. Next, .22 Long Rifle Coin.

English War Dog or Mastiff

Crazy suspension from r/nextfuckinglevel

Green Fish???

Anthony L. Danzi, Sergeant/Pilot, NYPD Avaition Unit, piloting a Bell Jet Ranger under the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

Our way of social isolation: inside an orange car.

Mrs. CW has been at home, off work, all week, so she needed to air herself out. But, of course, good citizens must practice social isolation when outside the home.  The solution?

Road Trip.

But, stay in the car.  Which we did.  By back roads south to Red Bluff, then milkshakes and onion rings at Bud's Jolly Kone, and then back home.  Never closer than six feet from other humans.  A legal good time.  We are such law abiders.

The OC (orange car) drove fine and sounded finer.

One big valley oak near the river.  

The bridge at Jelly's Ferry is closed for repairs until 2023, and this road is sometimes more patches than pavement.  Perfect.

Some hikes for later, after the quarantine.  Right now would have been the prime time with all the green grass.  Saw bunches of deer from the road.

I see some nice river access on this map - note to self - come back with fishing pole.


The Mighty Sacramento rounding the bend.

 Lunch at a local landmark/institution/meeting place.    Milkshakes are really good any time of the year, even at six feet from the nearest citizen.  Amazingly, everyone was pretty much staying six feet apart.

Pick your poison

So now Mrs. CW is feeling more normal, we put a few enjoyable miles on the OC, supported a local business, and all the while obeyed the dictates of our political masters.

Bring on the workweek!

This counts as social distancing, right?