Wednesday, November 30, 2022

An exceptional mosaic depicting scenes from the clash between Achilles and Hector at the end of the Trojan War has been unearthed at Rutland in the East Midlands. It is one of only a handful of mosaics with this motif known to survive .


The presence of the mosaic was first discovered last year by Jim Irvine on a family walk on his father’s land. He saw some Roman pottery fragments in a wheat field. When he examined satellite imagery of the spot, he saw a cropmark delineating a building beneath the surface. A little digging revealed a small section of a mosaic. Irvine notified Leicestershire County Council and county archaeologists followed up, excavating a small trench to get a better idea of the mosaic beneath the surface. They were able to determine that the mosaic was in good condition and was figural with people, horses and chariots.

 The trench was then expanded, revealing additional figures that identified the mosaic as containing scenes from the Trojan War.

The floor is enormous, 36 feet by 23 feet, and was likely a grand dining room. Within a guilloche pattern border are three comic-book style panels showing the clash between Greek hero Achilles and Prince Hector of Troy. The top panels depicts the chariot battle between Achilles and Hector. 

In the middle panel, Achilles drags Hector’s corpse behind his chariot while Hector’s father, King Priam, begs Achilles to return the body for proper burial. The third panel features the exchange of Hector’s body for its weight in gold. A Trojan servant balances a huge scale on his shoulders with Hector’s corpse on one side and a bowl of gold on the other. Priam adds more gold vessels to meet the ransom requirement.

Interestingly, This last panel proves that the source was not actually The Iliad, because Homer’s account of the death of Hector has Priam ransoming the body with a cart full of rich gifts after he begs Achilles to think of his own father and have mercy. Before that plea softened his heart, Achilles had said he would never give the body back not even for its weight in gold. The story of the scale with Hector’s body on one side and a pile of gold on the other comes from a lost play by Aeschylus (Phrygians, or the Ransom of Hector) now known only from marginalia and fragments.
The room was part of a large villa in use between the 3rd and 4th century. While only the mosaic room and another building next to it have been excavated so far, geophysical surveys have found numerous outbuildings — barns, a circular structure, a possible bath house. It was probably the villa of a wealthy, classically educated individual. Fire damage and later burials indicate the villa was reused after it was abandoned.

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Desert Lightning


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Boy + Girl + Indian Motorcycle + Beautiful Fall Day. Honestly, she doesn't look all that pleased.


Babe Ruth and Ted Williams


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Monday, November 28, 2022

Bison Paintings In The Cave Of Altamira, Spain. They Were Painted Over 20,000 Years Between 35,000 And 15,000 BC


Pictish carvings, Scotland




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2.000-year-old Medusa mosaic, which adorns the orchestra section of Odeon in the ancient city of Kibyra in what is now Turkey.


Head of a Lion, Mesopotamia, Sumerian, Ur, Dromos of Queen Puabi’s Tomb, ca. 2550–2400 BC


Bronze age proto viking rock carvings in Tanum, Sweden


Hot Time In Hawaii

An eruption began in the summit caldera of Hawaii's Mauna Loa, the world's largest active volcano, on Sunday night, the U.S. Geological Service's (USGS) volcanic activity service said.

The summit caldera of Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano, November 28, 2022. via USGS.

"At this time, lava flows are contained within the summit area and are not threatening downslope communities," the notification said.

However, the notification warned, based on previous events, that the early eruption stages of this volcano can be very dynamic and the location and advance of lava flows can change rapidly.

Mauna Loa, which takes up more than half of the Big Island in Hawaii, and rises 13,679 feet (4,169 meters) above the Pacific Ocean, last erupted in March and April of 1984, sending a flow of lava within 5 miles (8.05 km) of the city of Hilo.

Star Raker Massive SSTO Space Plane

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Nice Car - Ford will sell millions!


Large ‘V’ publicity signage advertising the Vinecrest housing development, located along Vine Street, north of Franklin Avenue in Los Angeles, 1925.


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