Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Steve attracting some gorgeous wimmins



  1. 2nd pic - the kind of wood that doesn’t float

    1. They both died way, way before their time.

  2. 1st pic: Queen's 1st marital conquest was a hot Filipina Nelie Adams. She just went toes up recently.

  3. One major squeeze was the bodacious Ali MacGraw. She's been living here in Santa Fe many years now. Ali is an animal rescue type and a bunch of locals, me included, painted doggy bowls and signed them in an auction. That's when I first met her and since then we bump into each other at Traitor Joe's or the Homeland Despot and a conversation always ensues. Ali is very sweet and natural and totally approachable.

  4. Had a friend who was Steve's roommate when they both were at Boy's State. He said that ever after Steve would send personal toiletry items to be used by the boys then serving their time there.