Thursday, April 22, 2021

This meat/cheese market in Florence, Italy. Wow!


North American XB-70 Valkyrie experiencing skin separation during flight


Bear Cub Highway


Interesting bit of gear




Dodge Madness


Test for Dam Busters Bouncing Bomb in slo mo

Olivia de Havilland


Olivia's younger sister was Joan Fontaine.

On stage in 1933.

Juicy tidbit: In July 1938, de Havilland began dating business tycoon, aviator, and filmmaker Howard Hughes, who had just completed his record-setting flight around the world in 91 hours. In addition to escorting her about town, he gave the actress her first flying lessons. She later said, "He was a rather shy man ... and yet, in a whole community where the men every day played heroes on the screen and didn't do anything heroic in life, here was this man who was a real hero."

More juicy tidbits:

In December 1939, she began a romantic relationship with actor James Stewart. At the request of Irene Mayer Selznick, the actor's agent asked Stewart to escort de Havilland to the New York premiere of Gone with the Wind at the Astor Theater on December 19, 1939. Over the next few days, Stewart took her to the theatre several times and to the 21 Club. They continued to see each other back in Los Angeles, where Stewart provided occasional flying lessons and romance. According to de Havilland, Stewart proposed marriage to her in 1940, but she felt that he was not ready to settle down.  Their relationship ended in late 1941 when de Havilland began a romantic relationship with film director John Huston while making In This Our Life "John was a very great love of mine", she would later admit, "He was a man I wanted to marry."

Some people's kids...

Hudson Super Six racing special, 1917


On its way! This is the first picture of the new Hudson Super-Six racing special which except for the body design and a few adjustments of the chassis, is practically a stock Super-Six. The Hudson people claim that the Super-Six stock card develops such enormous power that it was unnecessary to build a special racer to represent Hudson in racing, as a few changes and a special body would adapt the stock car for terrific speed efforts. The Hudson built five of these racers, all except one of the same type as this handsome flyer. The racer is being loaded into the specially equipped railway coach who will transport the Hudson fleet to all the big races this year. Grouped around the care are many of the Hudson team, including Arthur J. Hill, Manager, his lieutenant Billy Chandler, Ralph Kriplen and Jack Gable, reserve drivers who will replace Ralph Mulford or Ira Vail, the Hudson’s crack first wheel drivers, should it prove necessary.

Ivan Kulikov - Bride’s Attire - Oil on Canvas


You absorb more caffeine if you drink it straight from the pot


Double Hummer Helicopter




I did not know this: Mirrors reflect slightly more green than other colors, so infinity mirrors look more green the further they go.


I'll bet it's super quiet out there at night -- other than the howling of hungry, desperate wolves.


An interesting concept


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Shark Bait


Have a smile and a wink


Shaking their brains loose


Global Warming


Not a Snowflake


It's science, but it's also fun just to make the little furballs jump


The Art of Speed


Meanwhile, in Australia....


Croc eating a fish, eating a fish


Mount Taranaki sundial, New Zealand


Because of course, who doesn't need a grappling hook?


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A B-29 bomber from the US Air Force checking bombs before the Tokyo bombardment, March 1945


Genius, Lunacy, Or A Little Of Both?






I'd commute in that


I was wanting a battle between the clans


One crazy close call




One dragging it's nose, the other dragging it's tail.


There's always that one guy....


Breaking the bonds of surly earth. -- at least for a short moment




Monday, April 19, 2021

Good Armor


Fjord's End


Old Times






Don't ask about Mrs. CW's recent trip to the local DMV


This was basically my Monday today


Baby Seal Checkup


Chicks Dig Owls


Making the tailgate serve two purposes


Who doesn't like a throw bag?