Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Going Deep


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  1. I had a buddy that wanted a cherokee like that.

    He found one, not far away actually. Dude was rebuilding it, but his old lady told him to lose it. He was selling it for around $1700.

    We drive it. It runs well. Really well. Comes with parts. It was loved.

    Dude asks "What to do you think? Should I talk him down?"

    Talk him down? Talk him down!?! FFS dude he's giving away! F-ing grab it. I can't find a beater pickup for under 5K and you're squealing about $1700?

    So he gets it. Sends it to the mechanic, fixes up what was left. Sent to the body shop - puts the new hood on, fixes the body and paints it. Takes it to the custom shop - puts on a grill guard and roof rack.

    Tools over. The thing is awesome. Total out of pocket? <12K.