Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Keep those drinks cool during the hot summer



  1. Those are neat, but I think I'd go for skulls if I were to purchase novelty ice molds.

  2. I use the round ones in my sipping whiskey...cools it down and makes it smooth.

  3. I've had both of those... the cubes Just Work. The balls tend to leak at the seam between the top and bottom, and it is tricky to fill them just right, allowing for the expansion that occurs when freezing. I ended up getting rid of the globe molds - the cubes work and look plenty classy.

    1. Ditto. I've tried several, and the cubes work the best. I've also tried the plastic squares with freezable liquid in the center (nothing to melt and water down the drink) but they really didn't get the drink cold enough. And I've tried shot glasses that freeze, but those failed pretty quickly and dripped the inner anti-freeze out. Stick with the cubes and spend your money on nice glasses.

  4. Yes these cubes are neat shapes, but I just drink my Laphroaig neat.