Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two Iranian guys, Mundar and Ali, were in Thailand on vacation.   While swimming in the sea, they got too far from shore when the wind came up, their surfboards washed away, and they were on the verge of drowning. At nearly the last possible moment, they were seen by two men on a small boat, pulled onboard, and saved.  Upon getting back to shore, Mundar and Ali discovered that their saviors were....drum roll please, two Israeli guys also in Thailand on vacation!!

Mundar and Ali were so shocked that they.... ran away.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Captain Magnificent demonstrates a lack of knowledge unbecoming a president.  Really, I'd like to see those college transcripts that he has spent so much time and money hiding, just to see how absolutely not brilliant he really is.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Nothing like getting your feeler stuck on something sticky. Mondays: they're like that.

An excellent animation of the Mars rover "Curiosity" that was just launched, in reality, on it's way to the red planet.   Seems like a complex landing sequence to me, lots of things that could go wrong.  Hey, not to worry, they are scientists, right?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A true care bear.

I bet I could get somebody to pay me 50 bucks to wear this to court.

OK, it's crude, but you laughed, didn't you.

Best student ID.  And Bradley, lay off the crystal meth.

Best detention notice evah.

Pretty neat

 "It is requested that everyone maintains a level of silence and respect",says the soldier as he stops in stance and demands silence from a disrespectful crowd w/ rifle out front.

Talk about the effective use of the "police voice!"  Nobody wants to get a bayonet in the gut just for a little disrespectful laughter.

A poster over at 24 hour campfire took this nice squirrel with his low wall. He missed the first shot and when the squirrel didn't move, he tagged him the second time.  When he retrieved the bushytail, he found out just how close he came the first time.   Nothing like a .22 caliber ear piercing!  The bullet must have gone through so fast that the squirrel didn't notice!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hilarious thread over at this forum calling out some guy trying to pose as a Marine.   Moral of the story: Don't even think about it or these guys will make you sorry, ever so sorry.

 Why would the shadow of a space shuttle launch plume point toward the Moon?  First, for the space shuttle's plume to cast a long shadow, the time of day must be either near sunrise or sunset. Only then will the shadow be its longest and extend all the way to the horizon. Finally, during a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the sky. Just after sunset, for example, the Sun is slightly below the horizon, and, in the other direction, the Moon is slightly above the horizon. Therefore, as Atlantis blasted off, just after sunset, its shadow projected away from the Sun toward the opposite horizon, where the Full Moon just happened to be.

Amazing photo!
12 people are indicted for voter fraud, and surprise, surprise, they are all Democrats.
Saturday porch pictures, with a few porch dogs thrown in for good measure.

It’s one of the ironies of American history that when the Pilgrims first arrived at Plymouth rock they promptly set about creating a communist society.  Of course, they were soon starving to death.

The OWS people obviously don't know history, among other things.  Neither do the Democrats, although for them it is a matter of the collection of power, and not the best interests of the people. Nevertheless, this is an object lesson that should be taught in every school in the country, along with the more modern examples of every communist country and to a lesser extent, socialist nation.  The events in Europe right now illustrate to a T that the collapse comes either sooner, or later, and that the people who always suffer for these misguided ideals are the real 99%.

I for one do not want to relive this sad, woeful history here.  Vote them out in 2012.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Creative writing assignment

Wow.  bizarre indeed.
Find the cat.  When you find it, it will be obvious.

This sign better be satire, because if it's not, this goober has to be the stupidest knuckle dragger in the world. 

Look, buddy, do you want to over throw capitalism?  If so, then how is the country you speak of going to provide for your every need?  Without producers, there is nothing to confiscate, and thus nothing your country "can do"for your useless self.  

Figure out what you want, loser, after you figure out how wealth is created.  And learn to punctuate.  What are all those dashes between words supposed to be?  Unnecessary, dumkopf.  Is that question mark at the end of your sentence really what you want?  Is not your message a statement, not a question?  

The retardation is strong in this one, Luke!

Over at Rimfirecentral, someone posted this shot of his customized Ruger Charger.   Impressive, although that short barrel might get the muzzle blast a bit too close to your face.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

This guy put this up over at the 24 hour campfire, doing something I've been thinking of for some time.  This whole OWS/Tea Party comparison couldn't set out any better the different types of people now inhabiting our country. Another way to put it is the difference between the producers and the takers.  

Well done.

And who got the most press???? and who were being paid for marching???

dah... liberal press holds the key... are they really Americans??? 

"I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted, I won't be laid a-hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them."

A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves! 
Things I'm liking tonight.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Find the cat.  It's "glowingly" obvious!

Gerard Van Der Leun reads the riot act to the OWS losers.   Gerard says, "Dear Occupy Punks, This is what real street battles look like."

This is one of the protesters in Cairo, Egypt, where things are much more likely to get worse rather than better.

But don't think this can't happen here.  Below is a victim of the people's park protests in 1969 right here at home in Berkeley, California.  Below is somebody bleeding to death on a roof in Berkeley after being shot by the Alameda County Sheriffs Department.  He might or might not have been throwing rebar down at the cops, but either way, Gerard makes the point that real street battles are serious business, and a little pepper spray in the face is, to him, laughable.

Worth the read.
This guy has a tendency to shout in his posts, and he wants to see the electorate rise up against what he sees as the crimes of the financial world so badly that he foolishly supports the OWS movement, but generally on financial issues he is right on, and this post on the latest events in Europe is really right on.  If you want to be up to date with what is realy happening over in Europe right now, without the BS happy talk and spin, this is a good spot to start.   Happy reading

Christian values rise to the front again,   Imagine a muslim behaving so morally, if you can.

Just about the last thing to harvest this year are the pomegranates.   They come off the scraggliest of trees, really an overgrown bush, but they have the advantage of requiring absolutely no care or maintenance at all.  No water, no trimming, no fertilizing.... nothing.  In the fall, they produce the following fruits.  I consider that a generous tree!  Maybe I will plant two or three more this spring, since they're so care free.

This year, there was a light crop off our one tree, but the wife went to work, and made the pomegranates into juice and jelly.  We used the first of it this morning, as you can see below.  Pretty tasty!

On the eve of a nice Thanksgiving vacation, behold the Volquartsen semi auto rimfires below!  Skeleton stocks and a carbon fiber barrel on the one on top, and a snake flute on the one below.   These, along with a brick of .22's, and a place in the woods to shoot safely, and you got a recipe for a great time.

Those signs say, "Obama isn't working."  A far cry from what he got during his presidential campaign.
Also, check out the tweets listed at the link above.  What a come down from the worship he is used to.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Car thieves are foiled when they discover the car they are trying to steal has a stick shift, and they don't know how to drive it.

Retards.  Not only do you get to go to jail for a while when the police catch up with you, but your man card is automatically revoked for not knowing how to use a clutch.  Probably can't sew on a button either.

A classic winter hunting scene, and I like the full stock on that Martini action. 
An excellent long exposure photo from up at Mono Lake.

From this guy
Mila Kunis and Sgt Scott Moore at the Marine Corps Ball.

I thought an owl would tear your hand off if you tried to touch it.

Then there is this....

Monday, November 21, 2011

That's Lech Walesa standing to the far left.   I well remember what a David and Goliath contest it was between Walesa and his supporters against the might and determination of the Communist authorities.  What a  true hero and patriot Lech is, in every sense of the word.  Thank God Reagan was president during those historic times, because he did indeed stand with the Poles.

What a contrast between these titans and the shrunken midgets we have as "leaders" today.
WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Former Polish president and anti-communist leader Lech Walesa unveiled a statue of Ronald Reagan on an elegant Warsaw street on Monday, honoring the late U.S. president for inspiring Poland’s toppling of communism.
Though Reagan’s legacy is mixed in the U.S., across much of central and eastern Europe he is considered the greatest American leader in recent history for challenging the Soviet Union.
The moniker he gave it — the “evil empire” — resonated with Poles, who suffered greatly under Moscow-imposed rule.
“I wonder whether today’s Poland, Europe and world could look the same without president Reagan,” Walesa said. “As a participant in those events, I must say that it’s inconceivable.”
The 3.5-meter (11.5-foot) bronze statue depicts a smiling Reagan in a historic moment — as he stood at a podium at Berlin’s Brandenburg gate in 1987 and said the famous words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”
It sits across from the U.S. Embassy on Aleje Ujazdowskie, a street lined with embassies and manicured parks in the heart of the capital.
“Reagan gave us hope,” said Janusz Dorosiewicz, the president of the board of the Ronald Reagan Foundation in Poland. He conceived of the monument and struggled for six years with bureaucracy to secure the prized location for the statue.
Several statues of Reagan have gone up this year, the centennial of Reagan’s birth. Most notably, monuments to him have been erected in London and in Budapest, Hungary, and yet another is to be unveiled later this week in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Marine Sargent Scott Moore asked super star Mila Kunis to the Marine Ball on YouTube.  She promised to go.

Promise kept.  Dude looks sharp in his dress uniform, and Mila always looks sharp!

The two younger kids and I got in the car and drove through the foothills near our home on a Sunday afternoon.  Late fall or early winter make for picturesque photo opportunities, and the kids and I had a great time rolling through the countryside, stopping at random and strolling about.  Very enjoyable, indeed.

Among other things, Sundays are good for bread making, because you have most of the day to shepherd the bread all the way through the process without serious interruption.   Today, I tried a variation of the loaf I usually make by adding a bit more sugar and a package of dried cranberries in the hopes of ending up with a sweet, dessert like result.  

Total success, to my amazement. I was afraid the astringent cranberries might kill off the yeast, but I shouldn't have worried.  Since we have a day or two off this week for Thanksgiving, I think I will do another and also add some dried apricots as well.  

This about explains the OWS mindset.  Good work, school indoctrinators.  I've seen the same effort in my own kid's school, but fortunately they have a crusty old father that has done what he can to inoculate them to this kind of manipulation.  

“In the hands of a skillful indoctrinator, the average student not only thinks what the indoctrinator wants him to think . . . but is altogether positive that he has arrived at his position by independent intellectual exertion. This man is outraged by the suggestion that he is the flesh-and-blood tribute to the success of his indoctrinators.”
– William F. Buckley Jr., Up From Liberalism (1959)
“We have a class called 21st Century Challenges and Choices. They’re studying the current world. They went on a field trip to see Occupy Denver.”
– Dierdre Cryor, principal, St. Mary’s Academy
“We want them to see the democratic process in action.”
– Celia Bard, Social Studies Department chair, St. Mary’s Academy
“You’re f–king up our future. . . . What do you think we learn at school? This is what we learned about. . . . We’re the 99 percent.”
– 17-year-old student, St. Mary’s Academy
Someone notices Obama's "malaise" moment, and explains it's significance quite well.

Obama sees America through the eyes of it's enemies.  That's what hanging around with Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright will do for you.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

There is at least one cat in this picture.  How quickly can you locate the kitty?