Thursday, September 30, 2021



American financier and banker J.P. Morgan being held back after threatening a photographer with his walking stick. New York, 1910.


The title of this picture was “A young boy who had just stolen his fathers car and then crashed it, takes one final puff of his cigarette before facing the consequences” (1974)


Chunk o' Boat


Thursday 1911


Now you've got to make it all the way down.


Looks like it's smiling


As if big volcanic eruptions in Iceland and La Palma Island aren't enough!

 Now, overnight we have a new eruption within Halemaʻumaʻu crater at Kīlauea’s  summit on the big island of Hawaii.

Hot lava is even bubbling out of fissures in the crater wall.

Plus, it's fun to try to pronounce "Halem'uma'u" like a real Hawaiian.

It's something like "Ha -lay Maw-OO Maw-OO...," with extreme exaggeration of the spaces between the syllables.  Practice by turning to someone who isn't expecting anything and announce, "there's a new volcanic eruption occurring now in the Ha-lay Mah-OO Mah-OO caldera," and see what happens.

Kilauea Volcano Eruption Begins Again (Sept. 29, 2021)

The guy doing the civil defense warning announcement pronounces "Halem'uma'u" correctly, like a proper Hawaiian should.






Good thing that beast only eats plankton


Have a seat


Unlike Biden


Get ready for a bumpy ride!


Now that's a flag!


Well, howdy, pard.


Wednesday, September 29, 2021



Looks like an interesting read


This road seems level.


Five Volcanos, Washington & Oregon State - Mt St. Helens, Mt Rainer, Mt Adams, Mt Hood and Mt Jefferson


Get them while you can


Sailors work on a Great Lakes TG-2 torpedo bomber of VT-2B aboard USS Saratoga (CV-3), likely early 1930s. With a large hammer.


A nice smile


Portrait of the fastest man alive in 1961. Bob White wearing the X-15 pilot’s early outfit.


Oh, my!


Fly the friendly skies


And it's orange


IMB 2311 1964 Disk Storage Drive with capacity of around 1.21MB.

Very Satisfying


Me at work today


Me looking for the weekend


Satellite Jumping Shoes-Atomic Space Age Spring Shoes 1960’s.


I actually had these exact shoes when I was a kid.  They were ankle snappers.

Burgonet, 1560