Thursday, September 30, 2021

As if big volcanic eruptions in Iceland and La Palma Island aren't enough!

 Now, overnight we have a new eruption within Halemaʻumaʻu crater at Kīlauea’s  summit on the big island of Hawaii.

Hot lava is even bubbling out of fissures in the crater wall.

Plus, it's fun to try to pronounce "Halem'uma'u" like a real Hawaiian.

It's something like "Ha -lay Maw-OO Maw-OO...," with extreme exaggeration of the spaces between the syllables.  Practice by turning to someone who isn't expecting anything and announce, "there's a new volcanic eruption occurring now in the Ha-lay Mah-OO Mah-OO caldera," and see what happens.


  1. Things don't look too good. The Earth Gods are angry and since Chelsea Clinton got married, we've run out of virgins to appease them.

  2. Navajo sounds like two thirds of a syllable, pause, two thirds of a syllable, pause

    Navajo words spelled out have an apostrophe about every third letter. It's like roll call in an alien school in a bad science fiction novel.

  3. We have not had eruptions in 4.5 billion years, so it is either Climate Change or Trump, or both, that caused this.

  4. You dorealize that you never should have posted those pictures of dormant volcanoes in the PNW?

    1. Ho wow! You're right! He did that! And Mt Rainier is right over there (pointing in that direction)...
      You'll noticed he didn't put any pictures of HIS dormant volcano up? :-)

      I had to look, as of 19 Aug 2021 there were 50 volcanoes erupting...

  5. "...the bird is the word
    Doing the bird

  6. My wife just thought I had a stroke when I tried to pronounce that word.