Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Just Classic. Two male judges shot during drunken brawl after female judge gives middle finger to passing punks, all during drunken night out

That's right, go to a convention, booze up, brawl, get yourself shot, and make the morning news.  Well done!

The altercation occurred about 3 a.m. on the opening day of a conference the judges were in Indianapolis to attend.

Of course.  Cutting loose and painting the town red - in this case literally.

Adams, Jacobs and Bell had tried to enter the Red Garter Gentleman's Club but went to the White Castle when it was closed, police said.

A strip club??  Genius's.  All three of you are far too old for that sort of stupidity.  

The three judges were standing outside the fast food joint when Alfredo Vazquez and Brandon Kaiser drove past, records show. 
Bell flipped the bird at them when one shouted something out of the SUV window. 
An argument broke out between Vazquez and Kaiser before Adams and Jacobs are said to have moved towards the men and the exchange became physical. 
According to court documents Adams and Vazquez began to hit and kick each other. Jacobs and Kaiser are said to have fought on the ground and 'at one point, Judge Jacobs was on top of Kaiser and had him contained on the ground'.  
I guess that's called being overruled!
It was during the fight Kaiser is accused of shooting Adams in the stomach. He then 'went over to Judge Jacobs and Vazquez and fired two more shots at Judge Jacobs in the chest' before Kaiser and Vazquez fled the scene, court documents say.
Bell told police: 'I'm not denying that I said something or egged it on because I drink. 
'I mean I fully acknowledge that I drink and get mouthy, and I'm fiery and I'm feisty, but if I would have ever thought for a second that they were gonna fight or that that guy had a gun on him, I would never, never.'
So judicial.  Fiery! Feisty!  I'll bet the attorneys that have to practice in front of you love you, sister.
Here she is.

Adams was suspended by the Indiana Supreme Court with pay after he was indicted in June. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge and received a one-year suspended sentence.
Jacobs wasn't charged and has returned to the bench in the county across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky. 
And Judge Bell?  Apparently the fiery and feisty instigator of this fracas faces no consequences whatsoever.  Winning!
See you at the next conference, Judge!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Trump campaign flies 'socialism destroys Ohio jobs' banner over Dem debate site

The Grand Galactic Master of Trolldom strikes again.

“While Democrats will use the debate stage to paint a glamorous view of their socialist agenda, Team Trump is here to expose the truth behind their job-killing policies and remind Ohioans what's at stake in 2020,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said in a statement.
The campaign also placed a full-page ad in the Columbus Dispatch, the major daily newspaper in the Columbus metropolitan area.

“This picture of the Fuego volcano was taken from the summit of the Acatenango volcano.

Unbelievable Beast

Whiskers has calculated himself into a corner

On her 26th birthday and first birthday as Queen Elizabeth ii inspecting troops at Windsor Castle. 21st April 1952.

A rare Navy Starfighter

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Bold Move, Well Executed

Fully armed - I hope he took that off a jihadi

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A sad end to a ferocious fight


Fish Artillery

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This will be heaven, tidy cabin in the meadow behind the trees,

Tom looks like he's already downed a couple.

Only one mast, and the cannon still onboard and at battle station? There's a story here.

Not a Snowflake

Not ending well

Cutthroat - never caught one.