Saturday, December 28, 2019

Lockheed F-104 Starfighter


  1. a single spool turbojet, well designed, is all one needed to hit Mach 2+ with the original Lawn Dart designed by the true master, C. Johnson. none of this two spool complexity of trashy P&W oil leaking compressor stalling trash cans. the entire airplane was a rational design meant to meet specific design and tactical requirements-short range point defense interceptor-of the customer who then went and screwed the pooch by trying to make it something it was not designed to be.
    New hotness would not come to be until the F-16 arrived, it only needed another thirty square feet of wing area to be all that it could be.

    1. it isn't necessary to consider the F-4 as any kind of hotness. Imagine a ferrari driver being put into a pickup truck and told to go race it.

  2. General Electric J-79 Engine - "We bring good things to Life."