Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Menelik II of Ethiopia in his coronation robes, approx 1889.


Erupting Mt. Etna looks like a phoenix bird at night


Guard of honour by the Alexander Nevsky monument in Moscow, 1900. The monument was demolished in 1918.




Ouch! Another masterpiece

 From Steve Inman.

Warning, a little bit gruesome.  But not too bad.

Starting off the summer fire season in fine style

Just today a burn started out at Lakehead.  In this picture you can see I-5 crossing Shasta Lake, and I hear they've shut down one lane already.

This one's still pretty small, but as hot and dry as it is here, who knows.  There's a reader of this blog that lives up there, so I hope he's ok.

 This one's been named the Salt Fire.

Two that have been going a day or so are the Lava Fire and the Tennant Fire, up by Mount Shasta.  This picture makes it really look like lava flowing all around.



Iceland Volcano – Best Drone Footage

Your nice smile of the morning, with freckle bonus


Close Escape


It'll start...


Too Cute


Breaking Through


Spot the Australian surfer


Desensitization Therapy


It started well...


Coleman Cooler


Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Aircraft Carrier EXTREME Drifting & Donuts – USS Abraham Lincoln High-Sp...

Hailstone From April Storm Sets New Texas State Record

And I thought the golf ball sized hail I saw fall here in Redding was big.

Your friendly smile of the day


That face when you realize it's only Tuesday


Bad to worse


Whiskers the Cat has goalie skills




What happens when you put an iron ladder in a mineral spring


Wild Hawaii




Monday, June 28, 2021

Disneyland's "Space Couple," 1960s




Mugging for the crowd lost him the race


Shape Shifter In Process


Mouse Mobile






Camo Master: Canine Edition


Only the lines are colored. Rest of the photo is Black and White. Zoom in for proof.


How to go through a roundabout with style and panache


Probably got back in and drove away


Bobby's had enough of Marsha's sarcasm.


That's a pretty big bear




Oops, somebody didn't engineer the bridge support for high water


The nautical style portholes on these machines make me smile


Most all around useful pocket knife, and American made.