Saturday, June 26, 2021

Everything slides forward



  1. It’s like an old Tom & Jerry cartoon 🤣

  2. I actually experienced that once in a 63 Ford Falcon Window Van I had. Going down a side street next to a school about 25 mph and the front U joint let go. The whole thing stood on it's nose when the drive line dropped and dug into the pavement causing the rig to pole vault on it. Didn't even bend the drive line amazingly enough.

    1. Phil, I've never experienced it myself, but I saw it happen once.

      I was on the interstate in the far left lane when this guy in what appeared to be a mid sixties Impala, came up the on-ramp going half the speed of sound. He jumped straight into traffic in the center lane when suddenly, it looked like his front universal joint where the drive shaft connects to the transmission, gave way. The drive shaft dropped down to the concrete roadbed and then hit a pothole. The rear end of the car pole-vaulted and the driver lost control. He drove head on into the left side Jersey barrier and finally stopped right in front of me. I had been paying attention so avoided all of the mayhem. Traffic was jammed up for awhile though.

  3. It's too big to be a clown car. What'a showoff!