Monday, January 25, 2021

Bear chasing a skier in Romania

Well, this sounds like things could get "spicy" here. Few people hereabouts are prepared for any significant snow. The last time we got more than about four inches, they called it the Snow-maggeddon.

 “A significant winter storm will move into the region late Tuesday and persist into Friday. Very low snow levels to start with strong winds are expected. Snowfall will be possible down into the Northern Sacramento Valley late Tuesday into Wednesday morning with the cities of Redding and Red Bluff expected to receive multiple inches of snow. Snow levels will generally rise to 3000 ft or above Wednesday afternoon. An abundance of snow will be possible in the Sierra and southern Cascades with this storm that will make travel very difficult to impossible through Friday.”

Highlanders and Dogras in a trench, 1915. Fauquissart, France.


"The Hippos Wanted My Blood!" *snicker* Real men just stay the heck away from the hippos.


Can you spot the U.S. Army Snipers?

The Art of Speed


Cold and Quiet


Interesting little tool


Wow! That probably tastes horrible, but it's visual feast.


Snow line this morning


It's Alive!!


Mondays, they're like that


Earthquake in Antarctica sparks panic in Chile

 A strong 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck the Southern Ocean near Antarctica on Saturday, prompting a tsunami alert for areas which are virtually uninhabited, officials say. Small tsunami waves were reported but serious damage or injuries are not expected.

The earthquake happened at 8:37 p.m. Chilean time on Saturday and struck about 55 kilometers (34 miles) south of Elephant, a mountainous and ice-covered island in the outer reaches of the South Shetland Islands.

Chile’s interior ministry sent an alert to cellphones around the South American nation telling people to abandon the coastal region, sending people as far north as Santiago into a panic.

Officials later clarified that the alert was a false alarm.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Imperial Russia


This giant sequoia tree is called “the President” and is 247 feet tall. There are four men visible in this picture. Embiggen and see if you can find the two hard ones.


Baby Green Vine Snakes


AN SAS sniper fighting ISIS in Syria has taken out five jihadis with a single killer shot.

The attack took place in November during a kill or capture mission against Islamic State shaheeds.

A suicide bomber and four other jihadis - one of them a top commander - were killed when the bullet hit the bomber’s chest, detonating the bomb vest he was wearing.

The man behind the rifle was a sergeant with 20 years’ experience.

The SAS veteran wiped out the extremists using a Barrett .50 caliber rifle - the most powerful gun in their armory.

It is understood the SAS troops had been working with Kurdish fighters to find an ISIS unit responsible for attacks on villages in Syria.

The team had spent several days surveilling a suspected ISIS bomb factory.

Alarm was raised when they spotted five men leaving the building - one of which was filming the suicide bomber as he smiled (for the last time) and spoke (for the last time) to the camera.

Imagine what the video the shaheeds were filming showed right when the .50 BMG center-punched the head bad guy.

Allahu not so Akbar today, eh?




I'll bet the car smelled "great" after that trip


I broke Mrs. CW's blender today, and now she wants me to replace it with this.


A true Jeeper




Gullholmen island, Sweden


This guy....


High tech in 1912




Nice bow tie


Cold and Quiet


Bridge Workers, 1951


Demand the Brand


Saturday, January 23, 2021

Big Log


Rear engined Fiat 600 that Lloyd Kahn found parked in Berkeley


Epic Antlers


Bretons devant leur vieille maison à Penmarch, août 1923 : Bretons in front of their old house at Penmarch, August 1923




Freckles, they are good. Hoop earrings are a matter of dispute.




What bad guy wears purple pants, a green shirt and polka dot braces? She's probably smacking his mug just for that sartorial abomination.




TFW Dr. Jill finds out Kamala is going to go all 25th Amendment on Slow Joe.


Complexity Objectified


Mr. Mountain Lion has plans for you


Cabin Porn


The smell of baking bread is free


Every glass "sterlized."


before there was Burger King, there was...


The robot looks like a "gone bad" version of the tin man.


Seems like a long time ago