Thursday, December 30, 2021

Ferryboat Kalakala, Seattle, 1941



  1. I remember this ferry, it had a great long run and then a sad end of life.

    I remember vividly the pleading in the media by the owner for donations to restore it, but lost track of the events as those pleas disappeared.

    A weird twist of fate brought it to Seattle in the first place, having been destroyed by a fire in Oakland the ferry line in Seattle rebuilt it.

    It didn't perform well, you either loved the look or hated it, but it just kept on truckin'.

    Of course, the modern fleet perform much better and are designed much better, but this Lady will never be forgotten by the old timers.

  2. I almost expect to see Jack Nicholson in the front of that crowd.

  3. 1941, probably before December when the world will change for all those guys.

  4. The Navy had my father in Seattle (or thereabouts) for a while during "THE WAR" and he told me the ferries would navigate in the fog by echo return from their fog horns. Hard to believe but he was not prone to bee-ess, so.......