Sunday, September 30, 2018

Mondays, they're like that

Freckles, they are good.

Cats - their brains are smaller than a walnut

Bee Trails

Mechanical Art

Curious cloud streak originating from Arsia Mons on Mars observed by Mars Express this week. While Arsia Mons is known for a recurrent spiraling cloud, this doen't look like that phenomenon.

Is something venting, or is it a big example of a wing vortex writ large?

More investigation needed.

From tyranny to liberty, and then back to tyranny: was Polybius correct?

If he was, we can directly blame the fact we have increased the voting franchise as far as we have, the Supreme Court's seizure of the Legislative branch's power through emanations and penumbras, and finally,  the cheap and sleazy Democratic Party in its current form, and individuals like Soros, Feinstein,  Reid, Schumer and the Kennedy family.  Among others.

Read more here.

The bottom of Yosemite Falls

Hoofing the heavy load

Pouring a giant propeller

Casting a gigantic propeller at 1,800°F from r/interestingasfuck

Tough Vest

Imagine the barrel heat

She's got a present for the muz

A complicated construction puzzle.

Fissure 8 devastation documented on Hawaii.

This comparison photo shows the Kapoho area before and after the Fissure 8 lava flow.  Kapoho Crater is in the left portion of the image. Lava filled much of the crater, including the small nested crater that contained Green Lake. The Kapoho Beach Lots subdivision is in the right side of the image, north of Kapoho Bay, and was completely covered by the Fissure 8 lava flow. Vacationland Hawai‘i, in the lower right corner of the image, was also completely covered, along with the adjacent tide pools. Kapoho Farm Lots, near the center of the image, is also beneath the flow. 

The before and after at Lanipuna Gardens area.    In addition to the lava, it's interesting to see the dead vegetation, apparently killed by the heat and toxic fumes.

Pohoiki Road runs left to right through the center of the image. The Puna Geothermal Ventures site is in the upper left portion of the image.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Taking a drink of sweet, delicious jet fuel.

Aspen Report

 It's full on aspen season on the pass, in this case, Monitor Pass.  It's predicted to rain next week, which might mean snow up here.  If so, I may need to take a day off and drive up to see it.

On the way back, dinner at Teresa's Italian in Jackson.

Loco, San Carlos Apache, 1886

Loco for sure.

English airship R-31

Imagine being the guy that has to stand up there and shoot at attacking biplanes.

On second thought, if I had a parachute, I'd volunteer.

Good deltoid development on that bad boy

Myasishchev M-4 Molot (Hammer), NATO reporting name “Bison” 4-engine strategic nuclear bomber. 

Shave of the Day

The Motherlode Picturerock brush.  Too cool for school.

But today, even though I really didn't need that badly to shave, it was such a nice Fall day, I did it anyway.

It's an apple harvest theme.

What the heck, more freckles.

Have a Happy

Snake is thirsty


Freckles, they are good.

A cat's brain is smaller than a walnut

How you want to be at the end of the workweek

Making sail for Trondheim

Suspended in Space

Kitchen Experiments

Friday, September 28, 2018

How ruminants get themselves in trouble

Our Lady 1911 Special

Soul Stealing Sisters

Rabbit's Revenge

Keyboard shoe sole


Lose the pink uniforms

And I'd hate to see what would happen if a mouse suddenly appeared in the cockpit at 30,000 feet, but otherwise pretty cool.

Video of the Indonesian Tidal Wave hitting the coast hard

Shave of the Day

First shave with the freshly glued together badger brush, which worked very well.  It'll take a few shaves to get rid of the wet dog smell, though.

A&E St. Barts soap and aftershave, Derby blade loaded into a vintage Gillette adjustable razor, set on number 7.

I must be slowly improving my technique, as it gave me a high quality shave.  Minimal nicks, cheeks and jawline very smooth, in two passes.

Also, I just got in an antique Case Red Imp straight rehandled by Max Sprecher down in Las Vegas.  I got it cheap on the Bay, but the old scales were hopelessly warped.  What the heck, I got it silly cheap, so I sent it to Max for some fine Ruby Red acrylic scales and it looks great.  

Pulled together some other straights and did a color shot, which I think came out pretty well.
I'm still honing the Red Imp up to shaving shape, and when I'm happy with it I'll use it and report.  I predict it will be noisy.

From top to bottom:
Case Red Imp
Friodur Inox
Heljestrand Le Duc
Clauss of Ohio

Perfect for those who live in Portland, Oregon

Pop up tent with clear walls for cold or rainy outdoor practices. from r/interestingasfuck

Under the Weather XL Pod Royal, One Size

Russian anti-ship missiles for coastal defence orient themselves at launch from r/interestingasfuck

Friday Open Road