Sunday, December 31, 2023

Georgia O'Keefe, American Artist, 1887-1986 Chama River, Ghost Ranch 1937


Kazuo Shiraga, Untitled, 1964 Oil on Canvas


Gerhard Richter, Abstraktes Bild (585-3), 1985


Strawberry Full Moon - Lara Cobden , 2020.


Sydney Laurence (American,1865-1940) Northern Lights, Juneau, Alaska, c. 1920s


Maxfield Parrish (American, 1870–1966) The River at Ascutney, 1942


“Sacred Grove” in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, 1941 woodblock print by Yo shida Tõshi


Vasili Levi (1878 - 1954) - Winter Landscape. Oil on canvas.


That's one bulging battleship









                            Jemis Skullies Thin Bonnet Cap 

Well, so it is.


Meanwhile, in Finland....


Meanwhile, in Italy...


Surfing Sunday Smile


The Flying Arrowhead


Snow Load


The boys are back


See them before they see you


It was an interesting day fishing on the lake





Once drawn, the swords cannot be re-sheathed without being bloodied.


You don't stand right behind the cape for this reason




These guys again


Saturday, December 30, 2023

Portara monument (Temple of Apollo) Naxos Island, Greece


Looking Forward


Too Close


A hint you might be trespassing.


Cats doing what cats do


Me Today


His chiropractor will be getting some business now.


Saturday Smile


Well, Goodbye!


Tails On Ice


When I Arise And Stumble Our Of Bed In The Morning


Nice Pair


Wayland the Smith At Work


Santa Found The Bourbon



The Crime Revealed


When The Tank Knows Where You're Hiding


Too Close To The Creek, But Still Nice


Skills. She has them.