Thursday, February 28, 2019


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Yes, it is.

Did he, or did he not, do that on purpose?

Shasta Lake jumped 39 feet in elevation since February 1 and as of Tuesday it was at 85 percent of capacity and only 25 feet from its crest.

Just today, the river just downstream from this started rising, and this afternoon it was starting to flood low areas near the river.  The authorities are getting the water out to make room for the anticipated runoff from all these storms.  The last thing they want is another Oroville.

Folsom Lake east of Sacramento rose 30 feet in January, while Lake Oroville shot up 75 feet in February.

For a reservoir the immense size of Shasta — you could put four and a half Folsom Lakes in Shasta — a 39-foot increase requires substantially more water.

But, will the politicians find a way to waste and/or mismanage all this water?  My prediction is that they will indeed.  Bring the popcorn.

New carvings by Romans in Britain uncovered

In Northern England, archaeologists documenting graffiti carved by Roman soldiers near Hadrian’s Wall in the 3rd century uncovered a large phallus concealed for centuries behind vegetation.

Why, those naughty Romans!  

 Soldiers left their distinctive marks in 207 A.D. when cutting stone from the quarry in Cumbria to supply material for major repairs and strengthening of Hadrian’s Wall ordered by the emperor Septimius Severus. He was in Britain launching an invasion of Scotland at the time, so refortifying the northern border was a top priority for him.

The site is known as the Written Rock of Gelt and inscriptions were first discovered there in the 18th century.

It was thought ‘The Written Rock of Gelt’ included a group of nine Roman inscriptions, of which only six were legible, however more are being discovered, some are new and others were previously thought to be lost. Four new written and figurative inscriptions were discovered while preparations for this new project were being made, including a relief sculpture of a Phallus – a Roman ‘good luck’ symbol.
The site is one of only a handful of Roman quarries in England to feature these kinds of inscriptions. The information recorded is of particular importance because it gives the names of men and in some instances, their rank and military units. One datable inscription ‘APRO ET MAXIMO CONSVLIBVS OFICINA MERCATI’ referring to the consulate of Aper and Maximus, offers proof of rebuilding and repair work to the Roman frontier in the early third century AD.

The inscriptions also identify the legions deployed to the quarry. One reads C IVL PECVLIARIS VEXILATIO LEG XX VV, which translates to “The century of Julius Peculiaris; detachment of the Twentieth Legion Valeria Victrix.” Another reads “VEX LI EG II AVG OF APR SVB AGRICOLA OPTIONE,” meaning “a detachment of the Second Legion Augusta, working April under Agricola, Optione [the NCO designated by the centurion to command the detachment]”. There’s a smiley face next to that inscription, possibly a cheeky nod at Agricola.

Fun video

Mount Shasta just now

ZYGOPHYSETER, an early version of a sperm whale


CW when he imagines himself driving that around town.

The Tugmaster

Mrs. CW likes this

Neptune in Winter

Dangerous Game

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Putting the spin on it


Well done

Why can't new cars have a version of this?


Nice Grips

The Art of.......Rambler

Over the divide

If you've ever spent time in LA....

Thanks Gerard.


A view of the Russian River from the Monte Rio Bridge.


Another classic, in classic form


I might have to get me one

Now that's a snowpack - or is it the beginning of a brand new glacier??

This is Tony—our 5’10” Terrain Parks Day Lead Extraordinaire. This is also the snow bank in C Lot... How many feet (or Tonys) tall do you think it is?

Thanks, Irish!