Sunday, January 31, 2016


The light bar rocks

The buzz for Truz

Wait, you can get a life sized inflatable Miley Cyrus for only fifty bucks?

Who knew?

A 27-year-old man with a stolen life-size Miley Cyrus inflatable doll from an adult video store in his backpack and drugs was stopped Wednesday after he rode his bicycle the wrong way on the highway service road, police said.
About 3:02 p.m. police saw the man rode his bike the wrong way near Interstate Highway 37 and Corn Products Road, according to a Corpus Christi police news release. The officer found marijuana in the man's pockets. After the officer searched the man's backpack, he found the life-size Cyrus doll.
The officer knew of a theft reported at an adult video store at 7430 Intestate Highway 37, a few minutes before he made the traffic stop, the release states. After investigation officers found the man matched the description of the person reported to have stolen the inflatable doll, which was estimated at $49.95.
Young Ms. Cyrus is just soooooo attractive.  Her parents must be so proud that she has an inflatable version of herself available for the pathetically horny among us.

A honey of a truck

In 2014, the owner of an old International Harvester Scout decided to give the vintage vehicle an exterior and interior overhaul. Since the Scout was sitting around and not being used for a very long time, the owner sent the car on a cross-country trip for a complete restoration. Upon his arrival, he pulled back one of the panels and found an incredible surprise: a massive beehive, which was unknowingly transported all the way from Houston, TX to Jacksonville, FL! As it turned out, the bees had been accessing the inside of the truck through rust holes.


Old time bad ass


Rise of the penguins


The Last Stand, by N. C. Wyeth

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Arctic Sea Ice Concentration – Same Date Compared With 2007

Looks about the same nine years later.  Al Gore heartbroken.

The Potatomobile.

The perfect cure for insomnia

One big wave and that village is a goner

Faroe Islands. photo by Julian Calverley


Peaceful Cuisine: How to make bubble tea

Happiness is a muddy puddle

Is this guy saying something about the president?

I do see that someone has taught the One to wear a flag pin, and it's actually the US flag, worn right side up.

In this corner.....

The Boeing 757 was south of Salt Lake City when the fist fight broke out between Delta employees servicing the flight.  The Aviation Herald learned that two flight attendants disagreeing over work issues engaged in a fist fight, a third lady trying to calm the other two down was hit by the flying fists, the purser informed the flight deck and the captain decided to divert.The pilot asked air traffic control for a diversion to Salt Lake City because he "wanted to hear from his flight attendants," according to the Aviation Herald. Delta Air Lines Flight 2598 then diverted to Salt Lake City and safely landed.

Good thing they stopped it before this happened.

I would have refunded Delta my ticket price for the laughs of seeing two flight attendants duke it out at cruise altitude.   My bet is that there was a long standing feud between those two that ignited into battle on that flight.  Five bucks on the brunette.


This delights me

In recent weeks, no fewer than three Isil commanders in Sirte have been shot dead from long range, according to local media.
The killings are said to have sowed panic among Isil's forces in the city, who have carried a string of arrests and executions in a bid to track down the culprit. 
The Sirte assassin's most recent casualty, according to social media reports from Sirte, was Abdullah Hamad Al-Ansari, an Isil commander from southern Libyan city of Obari, who was shot dead on January 23 as he left a city centre mosque.
The identity of the mystery marksman - if indeed it is just one - is now the subject of frenzied online discussion. Many believe he may be a militiaman from the neighbouring city of Misrata, whose security forces fought Isil for control of Sirte in the early part of last year but eventually pulled out.
The ticks are looking for a guy, when it could easily be a lady sniper.

Adding to the sense of intrigue is speculation that the sniper might be a American special forces soldier, some of whom are thought to be operating in the region to gather intelligence on the Isil presence.
Here's your American sniper, ISIL!

I like it that the sand ticks are knocking each other off, but think it might be the work of an all powerful, super American sniper, a la Chris Kyle or Carlos Hathcock.   If only.  Obama would never authorize such a plan against his friends, but the ticks apparently don't realize that.