Monday, January 31, 2022

Nice Greyling


Junior is happy


Didn't really take off




Burn some books while your at it.






Fire and Ice in the Faroe Islands


Ransom Eli Olds


Tribal Sleeve




Looks like it's leaking fuel


The Mörkö gun is an early Swedish firearm discovered by a fisherman in the Baltic Sea at the coast of Södermansland near Nynäs in 1828. It has been given a date of ca. 1390.


The gun was excavated from the Baltic Sea near Nynäs, on the coast of Södermansland, by a fishing boat before 1828. After being in a couple of private collections, it finally found its home in the Swedish Royal Collections. It measures 19.3 cm overall, with a steady caliber of 21 mm smoothbore, weight 945 g, of hexagonal shape, which is characteristic of guns around or shortly after 1400, and the rear socket for the tiller stock is 6.9 cm long. As the first hooks on barrels do not seem to have appeared before ca. 1430, this feature gives a good reason for attributing this small gun (German Faustrohr) to about that date.

Depicting a bearded face in high relief is quite usual for artisans of the High Gothic period around 1400 and is also found e.g. on contemporary stoneware  It certainly has nothing to do with the portrait of Jesus Christ but simply reflects the taste of fashion of that period and, of course, has an apotropaic (warding off disaster) function in those superstitious times as well.

This head of course blocks the sight when the gun is aimed but on the other hand acts as a fire guard.

The Gothic minuscule script mentions the word maria several times; the rest is, as I said, illegible and mere decoration. This religious invocation of Holy Mary is sometimes found on helmets and swords.

Maureen O'Hara looking fine in The Quiet Man


Sunday, January 30, 2022

Hope Cooke, an American, was the last Queen of Sikkim. (1960s)


Hope Cooke is an American who was the "Gyalmo" of the 12th Chogyal of Sikkim, Palden Thondup Namgyal. Their wedding took place in March 1963. She was termed Her Highness The Crown Princess of Sikkim and became the Gyalmo of Sikkim at Palden Thondup Namgyal's coronation in 1965



'cuda is good eatin'


KLM Lost & Found service, beagle style

Thanks Tad

A serious sea of hot sauce - Or, jug of liquid fire


Old School


Dangerous dude doing a dangerous job




Snow Cabin


I wonder what that coating on the canopy is


Patrol Boat


That's a legit mane of hair


She can turn up the velocity


Rudolf would like a word with you




Must be some big trees nearby


Da, Komrade


Given enough power even a brick can fly




Saturday, January 29, 2022



Russians back off after Irish fishermen vow to disrupt war games

 The Russian military, which had announced naval drills off the coast of Ireland, agreed to move them further away after fishermen vowed to disrupt them.

Never mess with the Irish.

The Savage 1907 Semi-Automatic Pistol - I can testify, these are fun

Thank You William and Richard

 Appreciate the support, gentlemen!  CW

Your Warm Smile of the Morning


Wow. Quite the creation there.


It could be the lair of an evil genius


How would you like to fly in that all the way to India?


Made in USA


I'll bet someone actually made one


Toss it, it lies...


That shock wave....


Retro Boards




Friday, January 28, 2022

The baptistry basin of the Byzantine Basilica of St Vitalis in ancient Sufetula, today known as Sbeitla in Tunisia. 5th-6th century CE


Top Chinese scientist working in Hypersonic program flees China with critical secrets

 Biden will probably send him back.

And all because the Reds didn't promote him like he felt he deserved.  Well, he showed them now!

Sources were quoted by Daily Express as saying that the Chinese technician was able to smuggle out crucial technical data related to China’s hypersonic program, along with the intelligence that he carried in his head.

He collected important data and established communication with a British intelligence asset in Hong Kong at the end of September last year. He claimed that he was possessing crucial information related to China’s hypersonic glide vehicle. He also demanded asylum for himself and his wife and Child.

The UK’s top-secret intelligence agency, MI6, urgently deployed a three-person team in Hong Kong and the CIA was also informed about the operation. A plan was made according to which the Scientist and his family would travel to Hong Kong via a specially developed route. Eventually, the family met the MI6 team in Hong Kong, which was taken to a US military base in Germany and then into the US via the UK.

What a row of warriors