Friday, January 28, 2022

Top Chinese scientist working in Hypersonic program flees China with critical secrets

 Biden will probably send him back.

And all because the Reds didn't promote him like he felt he deserved.  Well, he showed them now!

Sources were quoted by Daily Express as saying that the Chinese technician was able to smuggle out crucial technical data related to China’s hypersonic program, along with the intelligence that he carried in his head.

He collected important data and established communication with a British intelligence asset in Hong Kong at the end of September last year. He claimed that he was possessing crucial information related to China’s hypersonic glide vehicle. He also demanded asylum for himself and his wife and Child.

The UK’s top-secret intelligence agency, MI6, urgently deployed a three-person team in Hong Kong and the CIA was also informed about the operation. A plan was made according to which the Scientist and his family would travel to Hong Kong via a specially developed route. Eventually, the family met the MI6 team in Hong Kong, which was taken to a US military base in Germany and then into the US via the UK.


  1. Biden won't send him back.
    The Brits will want him if the US is too stupid to use him.

    Either way, they'll fake his death, and then quietly move him somewhere cozy like Area 51. In 10 or 20 years, suitably sheep-dipped, he'll come out of hiding as John Doe Wang, and be able to go to Disneyland openly.

  2. What are the odds that they find all that "technical data" was stuff the CCP stole from the US and others.....

  3. Nah, Hillary will arcancide him.

  4. Imagine how bad things have become that his safety isn't guaranteed.

  5. 31 million for a Presidency is a bargain

  6. The Brits will soon regret bringing the CIA into this matter.

    1. You got that right....CIA....Complete Idiocy in America....

  7. Ding, ding, ding - Hobbit nailed it, CIA leak to the NYT probably.