Saturday, January 29, 2022




  1. It's getting precarious all right. You know, when a convoy of trucks that's approaching 100km long is called a 'small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa, who are holding unacceptable views' by your PM, who is in hiding for 'security reasons' (testing positive for chickensh*t-19), and the traffic-cam's around Ottowa are starting to show recycled footage from normal traffic patterns (rather than live-stream), to avoid showing the convoy - you know that peak crazy denial is approaching. Just remember, most collapses are slow, not catastrophic. Another word for collapse is 'change'.

    1. You know Justin castro is right and also terrified at the same time. A hundred KM of unhappy people IS a small fringe compared to the multitudes of truly unhappy people in Canada and the USA and that is his fear. The old saying "if you see one mouse in your house there's 10 more behind the wall". Always remember, we are many and they are few!

  2. From a statement by Sparklesocks, he didn't test positive. And he inferred, not actually saying he went into 5 day quarentine in the interest of caution. He did say he went into q because he had been exposed to C-19.

    Its all horse shit. He is a coward awaiting orders from his masters.

    I am hard pressed to imagine a collapse which is slow. Yes, it may take some amount of time for the precursors to gather, especially when the collapse is political in nature. But at that point it comes suddenly.

  3. What is on tap for when the truckers arrive to Ottawa? Unless there is some resolute offensive action, it will simply be yet another circlejerk as they weakly chortle an alleged victory. 'Aye, we really showed them, dint we boys.' as they drive a lap round city centre.

  4. Meanwhile, smile for the ubiquitous surveillance camera. Expect a summons by the spooks anytime from this week til forever.

    Because you allowed them to do so by not exploiting the opportunity for more extreme measures. Look, if you're go to be treated as a threat (with all the luxury a windowless 5x5 cell provides) you may as well act like it.