Thursday, January 27, 2022


 And in case anyone is wondering, this is not a picture of me.  This guy is much better looking.


  1. No way that fella has been close to a razor - straight or otherwise - lately.

  2. Just finished 3 hours of plowing out the it's "Up & Still", Up to yer belt and still coming down. Global Warming my...

    1. Funny weather. Here in south central Indy we've been having less and less snow each year. So far this season it's snowed twice, if you can call it that. Maybe 1/4" each time. 15 years ago when we moved here we were getting 2-3' consistently, then it started dropping off about 5 years ago. It's cold here though, down in the single digits. But what good is the cold if you don't have snow???

  3. The ice age is a comin'. Ain't nothin ya all did to bring it and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Prepare and train. Keep your head on straight.

    Nous Defions