Saturday, January 29, 2022

Russians back off after Irish fishermen vow to disrupt war games

 The Russian military, which had announced naval drills off the coast of Ireland, agreed to move them further away after fishermen vowed to disrupt them.

Never mess with the Irish.


  1. Well, ain't that something. I mean, they sure didn't do much at all when it was the Spanish fishing fleet which invaded into Irish and English waters.

  2. Something off about this story worse than fish baking in the sun a full three days.

  3. The Irish showed the world “Don’t mess with a Mick”

  4. There was no threat to disrupt Russia's war games. The fisherman's association protested the location of the war games to the Russian ambassador to Ireland; he conveyed their concerns to Moscow; and the Russian Navy was ordered to move the games away from the fishing grounds.

    1. Bingo! Reason 3,457,319 you can't trust the media. They take a good thing, and twist it around.