Thursday, February 29, 2024



RAF Pilot with a Hawker Typhoon, Second World War


The Clamshell


Time it


A "Screamer"



An unusual office cubicle


Is she cooking the bacon or just drying it out?




Interesting Living Space


Have a nice morning smile


Beaten with the ugly stick, but the personality makes it attractive.


The Intimidator


Rough, but better shelter than nothing.


Wow! That's a looker! And pricey, but only if you ignore the fact that this should last for generations. That's the beauty of cast iron. My favorite skillet (a Griswald) is nearly 100 years old, and probably purchased by my grandfather with money he earned working in a gold mine or lumber mill.


Dolphins. Playful beasts.


Mom and Dad? Meet my new girlfriend, Frieda Freakout.


They got the beat


Snow load somewhere in Switzerland


Red sweater, sky blue Chevy convertible, and S.F. before it lost its mind.


You can trust your car to the man who wears the star. The big, bright Texaco star!


So Sixties/Seventies. Sometimes that era seems so much more sane.


Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Yevgeny Khaldei. Late autumn. 1960s


Joseph Poole Addey - Girl Reading (1883)


Painting by Wang Ming Yue


Judith Bergerson(American) River Moods 38


Park the space speeder, throw up a tarp and read the paper. All that's missing is a visit from the Swedish Bikini Team!


Me at work today


Churned up and (probably) spit out


Alsace and Lorraine. An ancient bone of contention between the Germans and the Franks


Works perfectly for two eggs of a morning. Ask me how I know.


Old Times Snow Load


Relaxed, but alert


Have a bright smile this morning


Better not have a flash flood




Both in their prime


I like the thick canvas


Just hanging out


Come on, Fred. Drive like an adult.


Hand Assembled


It just demands to be picked up


Get out of the water


Are the fish biting?


The predator has spotted you