Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Alsace and Lorraine. An ancient bone of contention between the Germans and the Franks



  1. Prior to 1852 it was my ancestor’s homeland.

  2. We spent a week in Riquewihr, Alsace years ago and got to know our hotel keeper a bit. He had lived in San Francisco for many years so his English was better than my German, by a lot. He'd just opened his hotel and there were only 2 of 20 rooms filled. He had time on his hands and liked to chat. He said that Alsatians dislike France and Germany pretty much equally and would still like to be independent.

    Then he spoke Alsatian German to me and it was even more impenetrable to me than Bayrisch Deutsch, my German being the noble and proper Westfälisch Deutsch.

    Anyway, Alsace is a gorgeous place to visit with lots to see and do and more importantly, eat and drink.

    1. Was the hotel straight up the main street about 100 yards and down a street to the left? If so, nice little hotel and great coffee.

  3. Where my maternal grandfather's family was from, and their full blooded french!
    With names like Bulcher, Grilliott, DeMange and Saintignon, (pronounced saint-new) their french!

  4. great Gewurztraminer

  5. Germans are the Franks. You mean French.