Saturday, June 30, 2018

Antifa tough guys wearing black, faces covered, carrying batons, get themselves beaten up and chased down the street in Portland by patriots.

And oh yes, here it is!  The antifa knockout video that's all the rage on the internet now.  Guess that soy boy with a baton is no match for a patriot with a fist of steel!

Youtube naturally took down the original.  Here's a replacement.

Saturday 1911's

Mercedes Maybach 6

Whoa, Treasure!

I didn't need to know big gators like that can climb.

The Dream Daily Commuter Car

Just a step too late

The Art of Speed

Not just for the Fourth

Coming up to take a look

Freckles, they are good

Making Sail

Sucker Fish Pop

The Envy Mobile

Another view on the imminent election of AMLO just to our south.

The Diplomad sees things more optimistically than I do, but then again, he has a world of better experience on these things.

I hope the best for Mexico and its folk.

However, I'm afraid that AMLO will turn that country into the next Venezuela.  Given Venezuela's clear example, I'm amazed the people in Mexico would elect someone like that, someone who shares an ideology of proven failure.  Worst case scenario: in five years Mexico is economically prostrate, its  democratic institutions destroyed, and its relationship with the US severed.

This could be big.  There's very little coverage in the news here in El Norte about it.

We will see, I suppose, but as the Diplomad suggests, at the very least the election of a Chavista in Mexico will serve to clarify our relationship with that country.

The winner of the Miss Atomic Bomb Pageant, 1950

She's hot!

Antoine Muiz or Moise or Moses, Flathead, Gill - February, 1907

Compare and Contrast

Ancient mud skyscrapers of Shibam Hadramaut, Yemen

Old Roman wall that used to surround London.

London has moved on, Shibam Hadramaut not so much.

This would be a great truck for the cabin

Liberal freakout over Kennedy's retirement - the tears are sweet.

Why are the tears sweet?  For me, it's because they seem not to be aware that this situation is wholly of their own creation!

Many years ago the Liberals discovered that issues which were very difficult to resolve to their satisfaction through the normal legislative process in Congress could be resolved in their favor by turning the Supreme Court into a mini legislature.

There, all they needed was to get a majority of nine supremes on their side, and law could be made from the bench.

No more dealing with huge numbers of representatives and senators.  No more issues with reconciliation between the two parts of Congress.  No more need to get the President's signature on anything.

Most importantly, there was no need to lobby and convince society at large that the Liberal position on most any subject was the best way, the way that the country should follow.  The PEOPLE of the country were cut out of the process.

So, to their delight, the Liberals (or unliberals, in this case) found they didn't need the people at all, they didn't need Congress at all.  Heck the Constitution itself was irrelevant.

All they needed was five of nine Supreme Court justices.

Those five judges, who were not elected and appointed for life so they never had to face an election, were now the Liberal's ticket around the People and the Constitution.

No more messy, time consuming process of convincing your neighbors and fellow citizens of the truth and value of your position on any particular subject.  Just influence five of nine.

Suddenly, you see decisions from the Supreme Court that are based on no black letter Constitutional law, but rather "penumbras" and "emanations."   It was now a "Living Document."  The corruption had set in, and now it's longstanding and systemic.

Thus, suddenly the Progressive's little mini legislature (the Supreme Court) has been potentially rendered into a tool of the Conservatives with the retirement of Kennedy and the soon to be appointment of a Scalia/Originalist replacement.

Now - Horrors! - the Progressives will need to do all the hard, dirty and expensive work of actually passing legislation on issues where the People of the country disagree with them, through the system the founders of our country established for that after long thought and hard debate.   Most Progs know they have zero chance of passing laws they like on subjects like abortion, no matter how hard they work at it, because a center right country just won't be convinced by their false arguments.  And we know how much these soy based life forms enjoy hard work!

In summary, the Progressives created this monster, assuming all along that the monster would be under their control, able to be commanded at will to terrorize the helpless townsfolk  for their amusement and pleasure.

Now, it seems someone they hate and revile has seized the monster's controls, and is about to turn it against its creators, with vengeance and destruction of everything they have created on the agenda.

That's why the Progs are freaking.  They have good reason to.  What they've inflicted on the country is about to be inflicted on them.  Enjoy it. It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.


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