Monday, June 25, 2018

Iranian Protestors Take It to the Streets Chanting ‘Death to Palestine.’

Wait, what?   Palestine?

I guess the people in Iran have had about enough of poverty and foreign adventurism.

It takes big bucks and a strong economy to wage war, especially on multiple fronts.  Without that, things go from bad to worse to desperate, which is where it appears Iran is today.

A group of protesters chant slogans at the main gate of old grand bazaar in Tehran, Iran, Monday, June 25, 2018. Protesters in the Iranian capital swarmed its historic Grand Bazaar on Monday, news agencies reported, and forced shopkeepers to close their stalls in apparent anger over the Islamic Republic's troubled economy, months after similar demonstrations rocked the country. 


  1. if the mullas had a issue with this protest they would have filled a graveyard with them.
    Its called externalizing the threat. good propaganda tactic. takes the proles minds off of who or what is the actual problem and directs the proles energies into a direction of the powerholders choosing. be interesting to see how this direction plays out. contrary to some peoples opinions, Iranian people for the most part are not stupid. they just are not a well armed citizenry.

  2. President Trump's tactics working once again.

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