Saturday, March 31, 2018

Pacer - Jicarilla Apache 1879

Sopwith Triplane in flight


The Wingmaster and I went for a haircut and straight razor shave while in Portland yesterday

Lots of very well groomed people going in and out.  I felt a bit out of place, and shaggy. 

They got me in a little early, and the guy dealing with me was surprised when I told him I've cut my own hair for 20 years.  However, he said that I do a passable job for an amateur.

They use a shavette, which is a straight with a replaceable blade, eliminating the need to sharpen.

Lots of creams, ointments and lather.

Two hot towels, then a cold one after the shave.

It was as much a production as a cut and shave.

Mrs. CW saw me after the haircut and immediately exclaimed, "You look younger!"  I'm sure they slipped her a fiver to say that.  On the other hand, when you start as a shaggy neanderthal with a three day growth of stubble, it's not hard to improve that appearance.

The Wingmaster was assigned a dimpled gal to provide his cut.

While you wait they offer a complimentary adult beverage.  I sampled Rebel Yell, neat.

You need it when they wrap your face like this in a hot, wet towel.

Neither the WM or I got nicked, and the shaves were quite close.  The guy who did me told me he has a collection of 30 straight razors.  That made me feel a bit better about my own little group of cut throats.

I wouldn't do this often, but it really was a fun and relaxing way to spend a morning.

The Wingmaster was rocking the well groomed but tough guy look.

Friday, March 30, 2018


The final blow


She was impressed

There's always that one guy on a crew

Zuck wants you

CW goes fishing

Support urban bees and their keepers


Those front tires seem inadequate

Friday Open Road

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

When you want to shine an Irish light on things

Keep The Zuck's prying eyes off your internet

In response to the Facebook data harvesting scandal, Mozilla has launched an extension for its Firefox Browser which helps you segregate your web activity from Facebook's prying eyes by isolating your identity into a separate "container." This makes it far more difficult for Facebook to track your activity on other websites using third-party cookies. 
You can get the extension here.
Upon installation, the extension deletes your Facebook cookies and logs you out of Facebook. The next time you visit the social media giant, it will open in a special blue browser "container" tab - which you can use to safely log in to Facebook and use it like you normally would. If you then click on a link that takes you outside of Facebook, it will load outside of the container. 

Next, California (four to six new states)

Spring is coming

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Ben Franklin

In addition to being shockingly ignorant, she puts Freedom in scare quotes.  And she votes.

‘Evelyn’, a No 23 Squadron Havoc 'fighter-bomber’, starts up at Ford at the beginning of another night sortie, 28 November 1941.

I wonder what the giant "P" means?

Natalie Wood

She seems nice.

Man Machine

Meanwhile, in Canada...

Shave of the Day