Sunday, March 25, 2018

This morning's fire

Quality of life, right there.

I'm reduced to burning scrap, but even so it still makes a nice heat.  Mrs. CW also likes the rush sound a well prepared fire makes when you first set it off, and the pops it makes after getting going. 


  1. Practically every household burned Sulphur laden bituminous coal back 20 years ago when I was living in Ireland. if you got a good temperature inversion you'd be coughing black lung phlegm for a week.

    1. I recall those days. The air - particularly the night air - was yellow and thick like a fog.

    2. In contrast to that, if I could get to the top of the chimney here, I'd hover right over it and breathe deep the wonderful campfire smell a good wood fire makes.

  2. Dang, sure miss having a woodstove, even though we cut and split 8 cords to keep us thru the winter.