Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Keep The Zuck's prying eyes off your internet

In response to the Facebook data harvesting scandal, Mozilla has launched an extension for its Firefox Browser which helps you segregate your web activity from Facebook's prying eyes by isolating your identity into a separate "container." This makes it far more difficult for Facebook to track your activity on other websites using third-party cookies. 
You can get the extension here.
Upon installation, the extension deletes your Facebook cookies and logs you out of Facebook. The next time you visit the social media giant, it will open in a special blue browser "container" tab - which you can use to safely log in to Facebook and use it like you normally would. If you then click on a link that takes you outside of Facebook, it will load outside of the container. 


  1. Sweet! I'm installing this tonight. Speaking of Zuckerberg, the slimy little weasel isn't going to like the dress code for Congress. Wonder if he even owns a suit? Wearing a grey T to testify won't cut it, I think.

  2. I'm trying it also. So far, I haven't noticed FB doing anything different. If it starts doing weird things, I'll let you guys know.