Sunday, March 31, 2024



Your table is ready sir.


His paws are cold




Millennial Confusion Device


Rat Packers wearing cool hats


Heh. It's always the little blonde girl.


Read at your own risk. Snowflakes, pansies, and the Woke, stay away.


Great Summer Food


Looks both smart and fun


Great Americans


Four Peaks Wilderness, Arizona


What appears to be a photograph of a girl showing off her Hieronymus Bosch-inspired tattoo isn’t a photo at all. It’s actually an incredible oil painting by Polish artist Agnieszka Nienartowicz.


Redwood Empire Scotch Taste Off


The Captain is visiting, so yesterday we taste tested these three from a local (sort of) distillery.  Grizzly Beast was the standard, and Devil's Tower was the sweetest.  

Bright Smile



Looks Serious




Inexpensive and Useful


What a Beast!


Wood Boards. Heavy.


Far enough away to minimize mosquitoes, close enough for easy early morning fishing.


Stand back! I'm going in!


Stylish and Dangerous


That Hair...


Boom! Whaddaya think of that, sister!


Saturday, March 30, 2024

Running a marathon, one mile every hour

Bingo! The job is done (at least on this side of the roof)!


Split Window



Took some skill to do that


That Hair...


The beginnings of a world class feast


Power Wagons Forever


Shasta Lake Yesterday


Turvuren Dog Characteristics, via the American Kennel Club

 The elegant, agile Belgian Tervuren is a bright and self-assured herding dog of medium size, known to be affectionate and possessive with loved ones. Lots of hard work and challenging play is heaven for this tireless, do-it-all dog. The Belgian Tervuren is characterized by a straight and abundant coat, an elegant but muscular frame, a proudly carried head, an alert and intelligent demeanor, and an insatiable work drive. The Terv's coat furnishings, like the sporty 'collarette' around the neck, are more profuse on males, who run larger than females. 'Their intelligence and high activity level can be a challenge for the less creative individual who may not understand the breed's need to work,' warns one longtime owner. But don't get the idea that Tervs are grim, mechanical worker drones. In fact, Tervs take real delight in their ability to master any task, and owners say a mischievous sense of humor is at work whenever Tervs outsmart their beloved human.

I'm not convinced that's the breed of the dog I posted, though.

Your Friendly Morning Smile


Scottish Paint


"Safe, Harmless..."


My plan for this weekend


This might be fun and useful


More Power Wagon Madness


Thanks, Elmo!

I'm not sure what advantage leaning way off your horse like that gives you, but it does look impressive.




One Cheeky Car


My week at work last week.


Nice Cornbinder


Cool Dog. Anyone know the breed?