Sunday, March 31, 2024

Rat Packers wearing cool hats



  1. That I've seen in print, Frank had two guys professionally punched out- Buddy Rich and Shecky Green.

  2. Frank is wearing a trilby. essentially, a fedora with the brim trimmed down. seems to me that only city dwellers wear trilbys

  3. The hats are only cool because of who's wearing them! If I wore those hats I would look like a dork!

  4. It's not just the hat. It's also:

    Tie bar. (Which both keeps collar points down, and displays the tie knot.)
    Matching silk handkerchief.
    Three piece suit, including waistcoat.
    Pinkie ring.

    This was just Sinatra's everyday travelling-around manner of dress.

    If he saw a kid with a nose ring, blue hair, and skinny jeans, he'd have him professionally punched out too.

    Cary Grant would have worn a full-brim fedora, and the cuffs would have been French cuffs, with cuff links.

    And dollars to donuts, Dean's got a hip flask.

    We've sunk to a society of slobs.