Saturday, March 30, 2024

More Power Wagon Madness


Thanks, Elmo!


  1. Very nice, always thought power wagons were the real deal.

  2. No idea if they still have it, but the fire company in town had a I believe a 1949 Dodge Power Wagon Firetruck. Been thinking of going to see if it's still around.

    1. There used to be lots of them around my home town. The local tow company, one used by the contracted mail rural route driver, Asplund Tree Service had more than one, among others. I haven't seen one running around here in quite a while, unfortunately.

  3. The Tandem Rear axle is of the WC-63/64 Military (WWII) Type, but the Cab and Radiator are the Commercial Type (or an Earlier .Mil Version)It's a good 'Conversion' of a Great Truck. Looks like a Holmes '440' Twin-Boom Wrecker Set.