Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Meanwhile, somewhere on the Faroe Islands....


Rainy Day Food


SpaghettiOs Canned Pasta with Meatballs, 15.6 oz Can (Pack of 12)

That Hair...


So Stupid


Contemplating the Bear Life


Explain This


Alllllll - Most


A Pleasant Morning Smile -- and perfect teeth, again. Where do they find these people??


The Tow Truck Driver Made It Out At The Last Possible Second




Needs to upgrade her firearm


Light it up


              BUYSIGHT Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlight

Mammals vs. Reptiles


I guess that's a "no."


I'm thinking this isn't real, but still....


It's a dog's life


Doing a fine business


The Ocelot has plans for you. Go ahead. Fall asleep. I'll be waiting....


Willie Nelson’s Martin N-20, Trigger


Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Ford Motor - Mustang engine install


Mammuthus Columbi, the Columbian mammoth, by Zdenek Burian.


Very Nice Indeed -- and also more perfect teeth!


I like that it comes with a nice metal case


                 JEFE HEX 115 PCS HSS Cobalt Drill Bit Set



Old Time Bar


Lift, lift, LIFT!!


Worth a visit


Did this island once belong to Sweden??


The Fibonacci Spiral -- Sleepy Cat Version


Your Morning Smile


Auto Sculpture


Modern Air Travel


Silly, Silly Girls


She might share


Don't Slip


Happy Dog





Lost the Grip


I know they're troubled machines, but that's impressive tech.


Barn Treasure